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ANZAC (PC-US)(GMT+10)(PvE,PvP,Social)(cross-faction)



Australia & New Zealand Army Corps (of ESO) is looking for more recruits playing the PC version of the game. We will be a cross faction guild although initially starting in the Ebonheart Pact. Once the game and player base has grown, we will expand to cover all 3 factions. Because well, this is a game about playing it the way you want to play it after all.


Guild ethos:


The intent of this guild is simply to create a social base for easy grouping of peoples in a similar time zone. In ESO, players have the ability to join up to 5 guilds. We dont want to impose restrictions on any of our members, so feel free to join ANZAC along side of your friends guild or that mega guild aiming for PvP domination. Our core members however, will be representing this guild at all times and we can cater for all players from casual to hardcore. You will always be able to find other players to run at whatever pace you're comfortable with and enjoy all that the game has to offer.


About us:


We are a bunch of mates from a local gaming community and aim to create a mature and friendly community for Australian and New Zealander ESO players. I have personally founded and managed a few clans/guilds in other games. The largest of which, also named ANZAC, is in Marvel Heroes ARPG and boasts around 130 members. While we are not exclusively for Australia and New Zealand, we are exclusively english speaking. Any players from south east Asia, or anywhere around the world for that matter, are welcome to join. We are mostly in GMT +10 time zone so if that matches your play times give us a shout.




Not being a fan of signing up to third party forums, I've setup a facebook group players can use as a base of communication. Almost everyone already uses facebook, and we want to get to know each other as people, not anonymous players behind avatars and nick names. We will use this group to announce play times, share tips and strategies, trade items and for general out of game chit chat. We also have a 50 slot Mumble voice comm server set up, so if you want to jump on and chat to us or just find out more about the guild the details are: Address: Port: 55965


While it will be highly beneficial to use the facebook group, and mumble even more so, members are not forced to use either.




We run a blacklist recruitment system. That is, the guild is open for anyone to join, but any players found to be disruptive or abusive will be removed. To join, either join our group on facebook and tell us your in game name, hangout on our mumble server, reply to this thread, or send me a private message ingame.


Good luck fellow adventurers, and I hope to see you among the ranks of ANZAC!

Ben 'Snapsys' Kelly


  • RelytDnegelRelytDnegel Member UncommonPosts: 261
    Hey mate I am an Aussie looking for a guild to run with in ESO. Will jump on Mumble sometime over the beta weekend as I will be playing a lot... xD
  • SnapsysSnapsys Member Posts: 3
    Originally posted by RelytDnegel
    Hey mate I am an Aussie looking for a guild to run with in ESO. Will jump on Mumble sometime over the beta weekend as I will be playing a lot... xD

    Hey Mate,

    I could only play on saturday unfortunately, and i dont think we met. I hope you got on the mumble and found some like minded players to group with :)


    Im really happy with how the guild is going after the last beta weekend, we have almost 50 members now! The facebook group is buzzing with activity and dozens of player were hanging out on the Mumble voice comm server while playing on the weekend.

    Still, there is plenty more room for people to join up and help consolidate ANZAC as the number 1 look up guild for Oeanic players looking to find other players to group with.

    If you think this could be the guild for you but just arent sold yet, come and meet us and im sure you'll want to make ANZAC your home :)

  • Dekarx12Dekarx12 Member UncommonPosts: 380
    hey guys Id love to join with my mate Riboito, i wont be playing tonight though as i've got work in the morning, i might try and log on for like 15 mins tonights but if i know launch days its gonna be tragic, hope to hear from ya soon


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