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can't wait until lineage2 comes out in us

ninjazninjaz Member Posts: 4

well.. i played lineage2 in korean beta server.. the game was awesome!!

one funny party is when someone is being chased by orcs and you are sitting down resting.. you see a person run across your screen.. then here mad footsteps.. and you see bunch of orcs chasing after that person lol.. you will see wut i mean.. when u play it..

only game that i would compare lineage2 would be final fantasy XI and world of warcraft at the moment..

so i was going to try FFXI but.. kinda late so.. i'm waiting for either world of warcraft or lineage2..

whichever game comes out.. i'm going to stick with em.. :P

as of now.. i'm playing "priest" in korean beta server.. since it's also not out in us yet..

game priest is very interesting and fun game with decent graphics.. but if i had to pay for it.. i'll have to think about it :)

if anybody know any good quality game that's on beta.. plz let me know ^^* thnx


  • MistiMisti Member Posts: 724
    I cant wait either, I didnt play the Korean beta, but this game just looks so fun!  I hope they start to release more information on the U.S. version soon!

  • porkasporkas Member Posts: 125

    I played the korean beta but it was really hard to understand anything, but the game still ruled so I can't for the us beta

    "Only the good die young so I'd rather stay evil"

    "Only the good die young so I'd rather stay evil"

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