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Potential Add to the Games List

HelleriHelleri Member UncommonPosts: 930

Maybe I just missed it. But, even as I type this I am looking over the games list to make sure. And, I just don't see it. Now, it says it is in development on the site. But, it feels like a full release? I don't know for sure I just started playing it this morning...Here is the link: https://www.themanaworld.org/downloads.php


Now...it is a 2d iso MMORPG...But, holy hens in a hand basket is this thing meaty! easy registration, with quick download and install. Auto detect settings that doesn't restrict you to what it chooses. So many resolutions and full screen or windowed for any one of them. Mouse/Keyboard along 8 axis of movement, bound keys, contextual right click menu's with first click interaction options.  Decent text dialogue absent any major flaws I can see, a comprehensible tutorial, which is actually useful, and, that doesn't feel so much like hand holding (a little bit but not much). Seems to have a firm grasp on community management. Promises open source development true f2p with no micro transactions. Looks like room for good character development. More equipment slots for jewelry then you can shake a stick at. Highly customizable interface and deeper then the Mariana settings...sooo, many hair and eventual outfit options.


...I think Im in love.


Seriously. Check this out and respond:

1) Did I just miss this on the games list somehow?

2) Do you think it should be on there (it has my vote)?

3) Any major likes or dislikes about it upfront?

4) General impression?

5) Add me? ( Helleri) lets play the hell out of this thing.



  • DihoruDihoru Member Posts: 2,731
    The rule of thumb for me with such games is: Does it have great crafting? If it does then mmmm yes, if not then nope.

  • HelleriHelleri Member UncommonPosts: 930

    I have not gotten that far. I have found smelter who you can bring ore to in order to have him make ingots for gear you want to smith, and several types of textile merchants, there also seems to possibly be a robust cooking system, and I have seen players wearing a wide variety of gear. but really I am still learning the interface...like I just figured out while standing one spot how to face any direction. and that sitting heals me faster then normal hp recovery (both are a lot slower then eating or drinking though). And I discovered the emotes... good gawd the amount of emotes there are. even a troll face emote.


    [[EDIT: update below]]


    *sigh* no real crafting system. Drop based mat collection and through NPC refinement and assemblage of mats into items, unfortunately -_-


    But, honestly I am still having my newb fun. So I am going to keep going and see how this unfolds or if that even matters ultimately. That's a big markdown for me as well. It actually seems really out of place for this game not to have a robust crafting system. But looking on forums... this thing is pretty fresh faced. Oldest topic is from Nov. 2013. And, the front page does say in development. Granted an MMORPG should never really stop being 'in development'  But, I get the sense that the bulk of the games features are still being added. So, maybe a crafting system is in the works. After all there is a mine, which has things that look like they are not finished yet. I even have a miner hat now :D


  • TorvalTorval Member LegendaryPosts: 19,934
    The graphics have a jrpg look to them. It looks like a game that has a very focused community. I'll keep it in mind. I do think it would be a nice add to the list though.
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  • HelleriHelleri Member UncommonPosts: 930
    With the overt advisement of the rules every where, who's online feature, and apparently even the ability to get married, as well as gp taxed partying (I guess to make people commit more to a party their in)...It does really give that impression. Interestingly on their feedback forum i noticed it's mostly people wanting to contribute, like coding or art assets or something. Seems they do mean open source. Much how firefox has an official release collating team but a lot of the contribution is by users.


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