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A Realm Divided (Wiped 29.03.2014)| [Roleplay][Whitelist][Factions][Alliances][Restricted Craft][Cus

JonSnowG3RJonSnowG3R Member Posts: 3

General Information

This server aims to provide a semi-realistic and light-roleplaying environment in which players follow the natural course of action and band together to tight-knit groups in order to survive in the long-term.

We employ a whitelist, offer extensive possibilities for playing in a group (forming factions and alliances, friendly fire, Prefixes, ...), private messaging and group chats, custom loot tables and crafting restrictions, a safezone PvE city (Oldtown) and many more features.

Of course you can also play as a loner roaming the woods or selling your services, ... without any problems. But as in reallife groups offer many advantages.

This is a PvP server, however, we require you to engage with people first and do not tolerate kill on sight or repeatedly harassing / spree killing one and the same person. Use your common sense so that everyone can have an awesome time on this server.



After an apocalyptic event the world is in ruins and most places of civilization have become deathtraps of high radiation and ruthless looters. The realm lies divided with chaos reigning and mutants roaming the wilderness.

Will you form a mighty faction to unite parts of the realm under your banner and restore law and order?

Will you flee from chaos and destruction and live a segregated life as a hermit somewhere in the mountains?

Will you sell your skills to the highest bidder and wage war against emerging kingdoms?

You'll have to decide and live with the consequences.



Check them out here:



Get yourself whitelisted at this location:


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