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T Sakray + Iris items for WoW items.

SeasonzSeasonz Member Posts: 113

I am trading items for WoW items.

- Sakray -
Baphomet Card
+8 Crown [ just got ;) ]
Evil Bone Wand
+5 Immune Muffler
.. pretty much all I want to trade because I may come back

- Iris -
Vitata Card [2]
Elven Ears
.. and I have more but those are the things I want to trade ;].. agian because i may come back

...I'm buying WoW today so if somone tells me if they want somthing, list there server and I'll start on there.. but I have some of the rarest items in the game so it better be good.



  • TheRedDreadTheRedDread Member UncommonPosts: 152
    Pretty neat stuff you got...... though too bad I don't have any WoW items. However I have lineage2 items if your interested.
  • Tatsu50Tatsu50 Member Posts: 1
    i'm actually thinking of giving up WoW and going to RO. i have a 57 druid and 5 other chars from 15-30, as well as all the gold/stuff that goes with a high level account. maby we can work something out ranging from trading items to cash or even accounts. email me @ [email protected] to reply.
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