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Release date confirmed?

manio22manio22 Member UncommonPosts: 35

Other sites report release date in this year (2014) , so which one is it?

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  • HeraseHerase Member RarePosts: 993
    REally? swear the game isn't even in alpha yet?
  • DocBrodyDocBrody Member UncommonPosts: 1,926

    this came out of nowhere, another interesting title to add to my watchlist


  • Allacore69Allacore69 Member Posts: 839

    If I would have to guess, I'd say late this year. Maybe early next year. Hopefully soon!

  • MothanosMothanos Member UncommonPosts: 1,910

    Is there any info about a closed / open / alpha / release date out there at all :P !!!

  • Allacore69Allacore69 Member Posts: 839

    None, just sign ups.

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