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long download

DvaderDvader Member Posts: 15
Is there a cd version i can purchase and then update the rest of the game from there or do i really have to download the whole thing lol. Please speicfy the name of the cd version if any thanks.


  • dancingstardancingstar Member UncommonPosts: 362

    Short answer: No.

    Longer answer: retail discs for the 2.0 release (Aion: Assault on Balaurea) can still be found (Amazon UK currently has them for 99p), but the game is now on version 4.5 & has added large amounts of additional content & changes to existing content, so patching it up from a retail disc install, even if possible, will likely take just as long as download from scratch.

  • DvaderDvader Member Posts: 15
    damn lol ok thanks, that was what i was thinking of buying but i guess it wont make much of a difference. :/
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