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ubbforums problem

KzexKzex Member Posts: 7

I've never been able to post on UBI's forums because I get this message:

The host you are trying to send the input from is not a valid host. Please use your back button to return to the previous page.

WTF does that mean. I'm not a superstar computer guy. I get it on every computer I get on.

Looking for a Chaos guild on Vindication btw. I've been away from the game since August and nothing better than SB has come along. So yeah, what does that shit message mean and who on Vind wants me?


  • KzexKzex Member Posts: 7

    R7 Nephs and Minos need a chaos guild. Experience in leading/managing guilds/cities... No takers?

    I guess I'll just come back and kill you all then. image

  • AshenTemperAshenTemper BioWare Community Mgr.Member Posts: 68

    It is a problem with a firewall setting. If you add the forum URL as a trusted URL to your firewall package, it should fix that issue right away.

    Sean "Ashen Temper" Dahlberg

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