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General: Gauntlet: Updated for a New Generation

SBFordSBFord Former Associate EditorMember LegendaryPosts: 33,126

Warner Bros. Interactive has announced that perennial favorite, Gauntlet, is being reworked for a new generation of machines and players. Gauntlet is expected to be released on Steam this summer and for Steam Machines later this year. 

Gauntlet, developed by Arrowhead Game Studios, innovates on past titles while staying true to the brand's legendary format. Players select from four classic fantasy-based characters: Warrior, Wizard, Valkyrie, or Elf. Each character has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. For example, the Warrior does the most damage in melee combat, the Wizard has the most powerful magic, the Valkyrie has the most armor and the Elf moves the fastest. Distinctive play styles, procedural dungeons and an impressive art style keep the gameplay fresh.  

Find out more on the newly minted Gauntlet website.



  • VyethVyeth Member UncommonPosts: 1,461
    Diablo before Diablo..
  • Soki123Soki123 Member RarePosts: 2,558



  • rentantilusrentantilus Member UncommonPosts: 798

    "Red wizard shot the food!"


    Tons of awesome memories playing the old Gauntlet in the arcade and on my NES with the 4-player hookup!


    Can't wait to get my hands on this!

    When you see a new MMORPG, honestly think to yourself: "Is this game designed to EARN my $15 per month subscription with content, originality, and long-term value, or is it just designed to SCAM me out of $50 when I buy the box at the store with flashy advertising, biased reviews, and empty promises?"

  • newbinatornewbinator Member Posts: 780
    One of my favorite games as a kid. Was a major quarter muncher.
  • PilnkplonkPilnkplonk Member Posts: 1,532
    Love Gauntlet but I think I'll pass this. It obviously suffers from a very severe case of south-sightedness, a very irritating malady curiously endemic to this age.
  • blondehblondeh Member UncommonPosts: 540
    Looks like a cool game.


  • strawhat0981strawhat0981 Member UncommonPosts: 1,008
    Hey that does look like it might be a lot of fun.

    Originally posted by laokoko
    "if you want to be a game designer, you should sell your house and fund your game. Since if you won't even fund your own game, no one will".

  • SamhaelSamhael Member RarePosts: 1,262
    I'll check it out but don't imagine that it could capture what the original had... even though I'm sure the graphics are far better.
  • catofmanycatofmany Member UncommonPosts: 30
    Looks awesome!
  • PurutzilPurutzil Member UncommonPosts: 3,048
    Reading the topic, I was afraid for a second it was going to be "For Mobile" and ruin it all. XD
  • raapnaapraapnaap Member UncommonPosts: 442

    Oh man, I used to play the Gauntlet games on the Nintendo consoles with my family when I was younger, good times.

    I'd absolutely love to see a Dark Legacy full on remake (same levels, same story, same classes, etc.). Perhaps if this game is a success, then such remake is the next step? :)

  • MyrdynnMyrdynn Member RarePosts: 2,410

    grew up on the original gauntlet, was the first ARPG imo.  Blue Elf needs food BADLY!!!!  I actually really liked how they did Dark Legacy too, and hope its not just arcade style, but character development


  • bbbb42bbbb42 Member UncommonPosts: 297
    diablo is that you?

  • mbrodiembrodie Member RarePosts: 1,481
    amagawd... how exciting bringing  back saaaaa many childhood memories
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