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Star Citizen in not an why,



  • benseinebenseine Member UncommonPosts: 293

    Hey Chtuga, nice to see you :)


    Yeah ofc it is. It has 300k alpha testers that will play in 1 persistent universe. Sure it's instanced but so are many other mmo's. I remember in Age of Conan in it's prime and it had 36 instances in Keshatta :D You can't turn pvp off 100% just adjust the matchmaking so to speak. But to stay on topic here there are mmorpg's here that are 100% pve, like Final Fantasy. 

    So this game might be a bit unusual to some, but that is the main reason why I'm so excited about this game. Something new :)

  • screecwescreecwe Member UncommonPosts: 127

    Too many people seem to be unable to separate the MMO from MMORPG. 


    Star Citizen is absolutely an MMO. 

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