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Building a new rig

DasSpyDasSpy Member UncommonPosts: 9

Building a new rig.  Here are the specs i have so far http://pcpartpicker.com/user/zazsharn/saved/3Tz8

plus i have a 256 ssd to put in also

comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  • jdnewelljdnewell Member UncommonPosts: 2,237

    I personally would change a few things.

    I would change up what your putting money towards. This is assuming you need to stay pretty much on that budget.

    Go with an I5

    Cheaper cooler and cheaper motherboard to make up the difference in $. The H100 is nice but not necessary, I used an H60 and had my i5 OCd to 4.5 and it stayed cool. The $175 motherboard is nice, but will you even use or need all the features? especially when a $125 mobo will work just as well? An air cooler will handle moderate OC just as well if not better, and cost a fraction of the price.

    16gb RAM is nice, but would going with 8gb and a better GPU be money better spent? Unless you have special needs 8gb is more than enough. 16gb is nice but for most folks it wont get used. Ram is also easily upgraded, if you find you do need 16gb then its easy to install a few months down the road.

    You can easily get by with a good 650w PSU instead of a 750w, especially if your not going to SLI / Xfire.

    Make some changes and you can get a better CPU & GPU most likely. IMO no reason to go with AMD on a $1200 + budget.

    edit : The case you chose is nice, but also expensive. I like a flashy case as much as the next guy, but not at the expense of whats inside. A pinto with flashy rims and a new paint job is still a pinto under the hood. Chances are you can shave $50-$75 off the case alone and still have a great case.

    Go with a cheaper case, PSU, cooler, mobo and 8gb RAM and put the savings towards an I5 and a 770. You will be glad you did.


  • Righteous_RockRighteous_Rock Member RarePosts: 1,234
    Pm ed you. Off the top though the 4G 760 , you can get better performance for the money
  • Crazy_StickCrazy_Stick Member Posts: 1,059
    Right now, it's pretty hard to justify an AMD CPU as Intel out preforms them significantly for gaming in that price range. I would recommend you consider changing to a core I5 and mother board. 8 MB of quality memory is enough unless you are creating large videos and editing them, say longer than fifteen or twenty minutes. The hard drive is solid for its generation but you might want to consider the WD Black series for better performance. The separate SSD is what it is but be aware that there are some hybrid drives on the market now at around US $90. You are paying an awful lot for the 4 GB GTX 760 card and might be better off buying the 2 GB version at around $250 US for the performance or upgrading to a better card. Unless you intend some extreme OC'ing that's an awfully big power supply unit for what you have in mind and there are better, cheaper, alternatives available in the 550W and 600W range which is all you will need for a GTX 760 and some OC'ing anyway.  If you are going to spend that kind of cash on a case, I would be pushing you toward a Corsair Graphite (600T) series case.
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