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Titanium- To buy or not to buy

ThunderlipzThunderlipz Member Posts: 45

Ok, I am trying to get a feel out there of the new population going back when titanium is released.  I tried Guild Wars, City of Heroes, World of Warcraft, EQ2 and none of these held my attention longer than a few months.  I sold my EQ account about two years ago after PoP killed my love of the game and am really interested in returning. 

Starting from scratch is always fun, I did so by playing in a classic play guild that fizzled last november after people stopped playing.  Are there others out there going to be starting from scratch after buying titanium?  EQ is near impossible to solo and I am looking for the fun in grouping again, but I don't want to waste my money if no one else will be starting at level 1.  If there are others interested in coming back, lets try and coordinate on a server.

Does anyone have a specific date when titanium will be available in stores?


  • DijonCyanideDijonCyanide Member UncommonPosts: 586

    Titanium is scheduled to be released either this week or next week, pretty sure.  It will include original EQ plus all current 10 expansions including all the ingame /claim trinkets.  1 /claim per account.  Of course, Prophecy of Ro is scheduled sometime next month for release so the pinnacle longevity of Titanium might be succinct. 

    i too am heavily considering returning to EQ, & if i did i'll purchase Titanium to upgrade my Platinum package.  1 of the many reasons i'm thankful i was allowed this Sony(SOE) generous 21 days free play back to EQ offer.  However, i'm thinking Titanium might end-up being purchased more for account upgrading &/or more multiaccount playing.  Titanium will entice some brand new players to EQ, but i don't think that will be the majority of buyers.

    i read an article today in the USA Today Weekend insert focused about MMO's real life currency for ingame currency, power leveling, & account bartering market.  While it mentioned the game WoWarcraft, i hear too often about EQ having this as well in it's history.  Whether agree or disagree with that type of entrepreneurship there was 1 line that i'll paraphrase about something i think is important about any game:  The players want to achieve what is known as the end-game.  i always rant & rave about wanting to be able to achieve goals & being able to progress.  Despite investing $ &/or great amounts of time Sony's EQ doesn't always allow that.

    If you return to EQ, for sure Titanium seems like the best value, i hope you enjoy it, have good luck, & great fun.  It's tough for me to recommend EQ to a brand new casual player in the current state it's in, but maybe one day Sony(SOE) will make it more accessible for all.  Then again, i haven't tried the other MMOs ... yet.  i stare @ my unopened/unused Collector's of EQ2 & WoWarcraft on the shelf probably once a week tempted.  image

    Q, MNK, Morden Rasp orphan, (un)official pet class of Sony's EQ  image   

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