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calm after the console storm?

drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856
Now that we know 1080i pixel count is pretty much uptimal for quality and fun ,be it on ps4,xbox one or Wii u!a new question came about !how the eck will user be able to differentiate which one to pick ?last I check resolution was the main measuring stick ! Now all of them on PvP will have around 1036800 pixel (+- 100000)so ?what do we use now as measuring stick ?I would say fun but some of my biggest fans here might yell :NOT NEARLY ENOUGH!


  • Kaijin2k3Kaijin2k3 Member Posts: 558

    it's only one game's multiplayer that does that. Its single player even runs at true 1080p, not to count all its other games. The X1 didn't have anything to do with that story either, and its few native 1080p games also run at true 1080p as well.

    I don't understand how you read that and decided to apply it flatly across the board.

    As for your topic, it may have died down here. It's still in full swing across more console oriented places.

    And since you've been putting up the Wii U recently, MK8 looks like sooo much fun. Not enough for me to buy an entire console just for that though... unless a Mario Strikers Charged sequel is announced as well. :D

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