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eso beta kill stealing



  • DibdabsDibdabs Member RarePosts: 2,978
    Originally posted by moondrago
    this  game  sucks   donkey balls ... no matter where i was  at   everyone  was  jumping in on my fight... all the   warrior  were   just  steal killing my fights  WTF is  up with  that  not a  game  for me   ..for  that  one  simple  reason   .. also the amout of  lag  was  unreall.. but  its  beta  ..... this  game is  done  before  it even gets out the  door 

    I've had no lag, so get a better internet connection or PC.  As for killstealing - you can't!  It's open tapping, as they call it. You hit it, you get credit.  You even get your own loot.

  • ZadawnZadawn Member UncommonPosts: 670
    Stealing is such a stupid term in mmos. Nothing is yours son, everything its up for the taking.

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