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The things you wanted but never had..

BulldozeBulldoze Member UncommonPosts: 115

So as the title says, post items / mounts / titles you yearned for but never had.

For me, it goes like this:

Raven Lord Mount in WoW. I ran the dungeon for this 3 times a day across my 3 characters for 2 months and never got the thing. Worst part was when I was sat next to my flatmate talking him through the fastest route in the dungeon he got the mount first run. FML

Murdantix Mount in Rift. Same as the above, grinded rifts in hopes that this would drop and I grouped with my friend who was level 20 and he got it. The mount was level 50 and he quit at level 25..made it so much worse knowing it was just sat in his bag to never be ridden.

Those whips in Runescape. Always wanted one, never had one. 

The Insane title in WoW. No luck involved with this one, I just didn't have the time / patience to even try it.

What's yours?


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  • DauzqulDauzqul Member RarePosts: 1,982

    Playable Borg in STO and Symbiote Spider-Man costume in Marvel Heroes.


    Once I found out that both required a $200 purchase, I decided to leave.

  • sunandshadowsunandshadow Member RarePosts: 1,985
    Usually the things I really wanted and couldn't get are because it wasn't actually possible to get them in the game.  Like, I saw a hairstyle on a female character that I thought was awesome, researched how to get it, only to discover that I couldn't get it on my male character. :(  Or, I keep hearing about monster-breeding games that allow players to design monsters, but it ALWAYS turns out that players can't design breedable monsters, which would be "real" within the game; players can only design skins that replace the appearance of some other type of monster.  Or my favorite looking unit in a tactical game will turn out to be unable to have the combination of skills I want to put on it.  I just run into this problem over and over in games. :(
    I want to help design and develop a PvE-focused, solo-friendly, sandpark MMO which combines crafting, monster hunting, and story.  So PM me if you are starting one.
  • jesadjesad Member UncommonPosts: 882

    1. To be a little bit taller.

    2. To be a baller.

    3. To have a girl who looked good so I could call her.

    4. A rabbit in a hat.

    5. A bat........

    Oh! you meant inside games?

    I always wanted more mystery and more free will.  Way less stats attached to everything and way more trial and error involved in adventuring.  Regarding free will, when I first went into COH I wanted to be able to drive a car (ala batman), knock down a building (ala Hulk) and go to other planets (ala the Silver Surfer).

    I've also always wanted things to be way, way, way bigger.  Instead of having multiple servers representing copies of the same world I wanted each server to represent a different geographical part of the overall game world or worlds with transfer between them marshaled by some kind of well written planetary immigration policy or something. 

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