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Guild Wars 2: Digital Deluxe Edition & Gem Code Giveaway!



  • plainsmasterplainsmaster Member Posts: 1

    my favorite moment was when I realized that I had a chance to win a free copy of Guild Wars and that means I may finally get a chance to play and see if this game is as awesome I I've been told it is.


  • AzureProwerAzurePrower Member UncommonPosts: 1,550

    My favourite living story?


    Easily hands down the Super Adventure Box saga.

  • McwallenMcwallen Member UncommonPosts: 70
    Escape from Lion's Arch is a close second along with Secrets of Southsun Cove/Last Stand at Southsun. However I am going to have to go with the Tower of Nightmares. From the toxic offshoots outside the tower to the epic open world dungeon feel of the inside of the tower along with the fun Toxic Hybrid fight the tower really captured it all. Plus the changed Kessex Hills just felt really cool afterwards, especially knowing we had been a part of that.


  • Allanon6666Allanon6666 Member UncommonPosts: 34
    For me it would be the very first Halloween update.  In the last couple of days of the event I got to the top of the Clock Tower (and then I ran it multiple times, lol), and I got my first full set of Exotic armor for my main.  I still use that one for PvE because I love the birds I can summon when I use an elite skill.
  • HomituHomitu Member UncommonPosts: 2,030
    Definitely the Bazaar of Four Winds.  You can't beat the beauty of that zone, the fun of progressing to the top via the special platforming abilities, and the phenomenal music!
  • markragexmarkragex Member Posts: 1

    waaaa. its my birthday this friday hope I would get a copy of this as a birthday present!  :D


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  • dtan27dtan27 Member UncommonPosts: 32

    Just recently started playing GW2 again (about a week before the Escape from LA) story started.


    Wow, I feel so behind, and I've missed the GW universe.  In any case, the only Living Story I have experience with thus far is Escape from LA, so that would be my favorite, but I can't imagine being able to just pick one if all of them are of this quality!


    To upend the entire world by making the main city inaccessible is just amazing, especially for a game that doesn't have a monthly fee.  I just wish I could have experienced all the past Living Stories when they occurred.

  • anubis1101anubis1101 Member Posts: 1

    weaving together multiple LS events int the 'scarlet arc' gave it an interesting feel normally reserved for expansion packs.

    slaughtering her diverse array of minions and guessing what she'll try next has been quite a treat.

  • maxell07maxell07 Member Posts: 1
    For me the best moment was when The Bazaar of the Four Winds appeared, it was something totally new and different for us players, and also happened in a place of Tyria map that we had never seen before. It is also worth remembering that the NPCs who were there said, and also sang some things about the other continents that we still do not have access, and it only made us become increasingly curious. This was a part of Living Story I liked most.
  • ciron156ciron156 Member UncommonPosts: 14
    I would have to say my favourite living world event was Tequatl Rising by far. The satisfaction gained by finally defeating the huge beast was amazing!
  • ciron156ciron156 Member UncommonPosts: 14
    I would have to say my favourite living world event was Tequatl Rising by far. The satisfaction gained by finally defeating the huge beast was amazing!
  • ElvocElvoc Member RarePosts: 539
    Count me in, would love to receive either prize...thanks a bunch MMORPG..
  • WarriorrWarriorr Member UncommonPosts: 9

    Bazaar of Four Winds also gets my vote!

  • olafeolafe Member Posts: 5
    The whole livingstory was awesome.buthalloween is my favorite
  • kinnygkinnyg Member UncommonPosts: 15
    sky pirates of tyria was pretty sweet. it has to be my favorite.

  • nome1109nome1109 Member Posts: 3
    Escape from lions arch!!!!
  • luke3175luke3175 Member CommonPosts: 2
    give more like sunless more challenge plz....
  • AvrizicAvrizic Member UncommonPosts: 3
    My favorite is Escape from Lion's Arch. Its awesome.
  • newbytrnewbytr Member UncommonPosts: 19

    Southsun but Lion Arch invasion is best!

  • ValkanisarValkanisar Member UncommonPosts: 494

    escape from la was mine


  • IckisikiIckisiki Member CommonPosts: 2
    I would have to say my favorite living story Bazaar  of the Four Winds.  I enjoyed seeing who people was for - Gnashblade or Kiel AND really enjoyed the airship of the Bazaar.  Very cool!  ^_^
  • WyckedWycked Member UncommonPosts: 14
    I have to say I enjoy the Shadow Of The Mad King because frankly Im kinda sentimental when it comes to Guild Wars. I played the original GW for years and although I enjoy the GW2 more, he brings a little taste of the old one into the new.


    *If it's called common sense, why is it so rare?*

  • CryptorCryptor Member UncommonPosts: 523
    My favorite was the arrival of South Sun and all of the content that followed.  Any other game would charge me $50 for an expansion.
  • illyanaillyana Member UncommonPosts: 614

    i totally enjoyed The Nightmares Within, the whole arc actually starting with The Tower of Nightmare and ended with the Nightmare's End when the tower fell in an epic explosion

    the hallucinations and nightmare effects were really incredible and something totally new to the game. i swear i always look at the window whenever i hear the cat meow and realize i just got hexed!

    i had fun dodging those exploding plants and face-palmed when other players die in it

    i was so surprised when i got to fight nightmare Trahearne and loved every minute of beating him to pulp

    it was one the few content that made me want other good players around just to get to the top, and when i got to the top, an epic dive to the pool below!

    the final boss battle was epic, i love the design of the Toxic Hybrid, so huge and menacing.

    this update was so good i played thru using my alts just to see how it played using other professions

    i was sad to see this arc end but then got a treat with the cinematic of the tower falling in an epic explosion. totally memorable experience!

    ive been trying to save some money to get my cousin this game so we can play together but darn the Gem Store churning out alot of good stuff!

    Have fun storming the castle! - Miracle Max

  • kdethlefskdethlefs Member Posts: 1
    The last one... because it took me over a year to do it :)
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