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Another battle conversation - Syrtis's power may have peaked

ringdanyringdany Member UncommonPosts: 189

For the past few months or so, the realm of Syrtis in the game has been dominating war. Mainly because of their superior numbers, they have been smashing the realms of Ignis and Alsius repeatedly. Prior to Syrtis, Alsius was dominant for much of 2013, though Ignis has several bright shining periods of weeks during 2013.

Now suddenly just last week, this battle conversation popped up in Syrtis. It shows the reaction of Syrtis players who just logged in and realised that for the first time in weeks, suddenly they lost a significant battle. Realm Chat in Regnum can be seen by any player within each realm, but cannot be seen by any player outside each realm :-


Anyway, thought i would post it just to give an idea of what people are chatting about in game.

During these phases where the balance of power is again in contention, wars can rage quite brutally and this state can last for weeks or even months, until the cycle again shifts. Some of the war is about psychology as players become dejected in one realm, and have to change their expectations as they try to regain confidence to plot how to regain victory. It is quite an interesting psychological process.



  • LaetitianLaetitian Member UncommonPosts: 21

    Thank you for your work on these impressions of Champions of Regnum. I really like to see the game promoted, as to me, it has a much better balance of objectives, and game content, than the presently hyped games that fail to combine sieging with other content, without making the sieges a stale and unnecessary part of the game - whereas in Regnum, it is presented in a much more appealing way of giving purpose to the players' actions.

    Some of the war is about psychology as players become dejected in one realm, and have to change their expectations as they try to regain confidence to plot how to regain victory."
    It is interesting, and also usually very fun.

    The most significant part in the process of regaining power in battles is, as you have explained, building new confidence in tactics, and one's allies' ability.
    But there is one simultanious phenomenon that I find even more interesing to observe:

    Players in a realm that accumulates large armies more often, tend to allign their skillsets very close to one another, because they see their realm-mates being successful with their gameplay. Among the other realms, you would more usually see very individually skilled players, all just "doing their thing".
    Both of them have very successful players, both alone, and in groups, but generally the larger realms also have better coordination when in larger hosts, while those that are more usually overwhelmed usually excel in battles of smaller scale - even against majorities.

    I think that is why there is this general insult of other players only being able to zerg. What many do not consider is that this skill is as much acquired, as their own is, and that their disability to organise larger groups is something they could work on.
    This all I say as a long-time Ignean who presently thinks, some of his allies could use some spirit for tactical group-play [Although we are fast approaching that already].

  • ringdanyringdany Member UncommonPosts: 189

    hi laetitian -- yes i think your response is really interesting. these RvR games show up new dimensions in how a people encounter and deal with adversity, and also how they deal with success. I dont think anyone else in war history has fully studied it in the depth that players who undergo the process repeatedly so experience it.

    and you are quite right that the behaviour and skill sets of both the dominant and less dominant realms are different. Each of the 3 realms seem to have somehow evolved their own personality on how they evolve skills to enjoy and play their game.

    If NGD ever was to remove the realm numbers imbalance or to allow players to travel between realms easily, these unique qualities of regnum could be lost.



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