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USB Audio Adapter

lilreap2k3lilreap2k3 Member UncommonPosts: 353

Hey guys. Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this, but these forums are the busiest place I know so I was hoping posting here would be my best option for getting a quick response.

I am looking for a USB audio adapter to plug into my laptop. I need an audio interface that includes connectors for a 1/8" mic plug, 1/4" instrument cable, and an XLR mic cable. I have been searching Amazon and Newegg for this, but I can't seem to find one that clearly states the inclusion of these specific connectors.

If any of you are familiar with this type of thing and have a suggestion, please feel free.


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  • syntax42syntax42 Member UncommonPosts: 1,378

    This doesn't sound like it relates to gaming.  If it is for professional-quality audio, I doubt you will find such devices due to the quality of USB not being designed for that.


    If you are committed to finding such a device, you might have better luck purchasing adapters separately.  You can use a USB hub if you need to connect multiple devices to one USB port.

  • RidelynnRidelynn Member EpicPosts: 7,146


    That's the base model. The 1/4" jacks can be set to line level or guitar/mic/instrument level with variable gain, and can use 1/8" input with a simple adapter (you probably have one already laying around)

    USB is designed for data - audio is typically not terribly bandwidth intensive, at least at a typical number of tracks, even at very high bitrates. USB stuff works fine for audio as long as you don't mind it being digitized. A lot of people requiring very high fidelity require analog, and your never going to get that with USB, or with a computer even.

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