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WoW servers really bad lately..

BalterBalter Member Posts: 1,015

Ok , since 1.9 ive been lagging ALOT almost every few minutes, and now i cant login. Anyone having these problems since 1.9?

My build: Sapphire Radeon HD 4850, Asus P5GC-MX/1333 Motherboard, 4gb G.SKILL DDR2 667MHz RAM, Core 2 Duo e7200 CPU, 250gb Western Digital SATA Harddrive, Windows Vista Home Basic 64-bit.


  • VolkmarVolkmar Member UncommonPosts: 2,501
    it is called "Patch madness". it happens to almost all games after a patch, especially one as big as this one was. Give it a few days and all will return to normality

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  • WOWLagsWOWLags Member Posts: 115

    Welcome to WOW. Get used to the lag it will never go away.



  • Kaynos1972Kaynos1972 Member Posts: 2,316

    Originally posted by WOWLags

    Welcome to WOW. Get used to the lag it will never go away.

    I did'nt expect that response from someone named WOWlags

  • Kaynos1972Kaynos1972 Member Posts: 2,316

    Double post for teh win.

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