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wtf go through portal quest for noob lvl 6

zastenzasten Member Posts: 283

I would ask in game but in game chat does not work, I assume its one of those stupid games that prevents new players from asking questions!

No idea what the fuck is going on with this section of the game, I am supposed to be going through some portal, which if you look on the map is where I am going, how ever when ever I go any where near it I get shoved back wards and a tiny amount of damage done to me. It times out after a while and if I go to talk to the npc near it, it just restarts this part of the quest?


  • iceashiceash Member Posts: 21

    If you are playing on defiant side the quest line takes you to the fight for the portal which you then have to wait for the portal to go white, then you can pass through.

    as for the chat there has been an issue with it with the new patch.

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