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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn: Signed Collector's Edition and NVIDIA GTX 650 Giveaway!



  • Ryoshi1Ryoshi1 Member Posts: 139
    Final Fantasy VI when Locke jumped onto a chocobo while the Figaro castle was sinking!
  • KokoiopKokoiop Member Posts: 29

    I've not yet played Final Fantasy XIV but I've been a huge fan of FF games and I can't stop enjoyimg the beautilful storyline of these games. The one from final fantasy 7 and 10 especially where true masterpiece that brings tears and other emotion with ease.

  • Niall18Niall18 Member Posts: 31
    I never got to play the MMORPGs of the FF series, However Playing most of the Single player games The best character I've EVER played in ANY video game was Vincent Valentine. With the Feel of Devil may cry but the story & character progression of a FF game there's no doubt in my mind that Vincent Valentine was the best video game character I've played to date. 

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  • bjswimmerbjswimmer Member UncommonPosts: 1

               Some may not call me a true fan since ive only played 2 final fantasies but god damn it FFXII makes me wish I had played the original through 10. I was in the 4th grade at the time and my friend gave me his collectors edition of FFXII. He was older than I was, i think in the 6th grade and so we set of on an adventure playing the game. I still remember doing the Thextera hunt and dying to it and having to restart the whole game because i forgot to save. You got to understand though, first Final Fantasy game and I was in the fourth grade.

                I was amazed at the freedom of cities and the vast number of zones i could travel to. I remember grinding all 6 characters, Vaan, Basch, Batheir, Ashe, Penelo, Fran to 50+ in the viera's home world in the wood to get past a giant bomb boss. Then realizing that i didn't have to defeat it to keep going x(. I remember facing gilgamesh and how much fun it was but it SUCKED having every armor peace but his gloves :(

                  For me the greatest moment for me was the whole damn game, my first Final Fantasy experience, the story, the gambit system, the variety of options for me to choose. It was amazing, especially the ending. It was so tear jerking to see the party i spent 4 years with. 4 years of pheonix downs, potions, quickenings, leveling, emotional cutscences, bringing my laptop out in the living room and going through walk throughs to obtain all the rare weapons, obtaining all the rare weapons, collecting all the materials for the rare wepaons, running into strong espers at low levels and dying and saying to myself,"well guess im not going back in there for a long time.", gilgamesh,bosses, f&*k the final boss cause he has like one hundred million forms but i still loved it.ALL OF FRIGGIN IT MAN ALL TEH CHOCOBOS.

                       That party I spent so much time with had now broken up. I still remember when I came back to it after having forgotten about it for about a year being upwards level 60-67 and saying, "I'm not even half done with this game." and finally beating it. When my friend gave me this game it still had the price on it and it read, "$29.99" and i remember after 30 minutes of game play, I remember thinking to myself how could this game be only 30 bucks, I considered myself so god damn lucky. I thank myself to this day for my friend giving me this game for my birthday. The joy and experiences I got out of the FFXII story make it priceless to me.

  • chjaeichjaei Member UncommonPosts: 5
    I was really enthralled by the story of  FFXIII.  I am of the minority that enjoyed that game.  The story really gripped me and had me playing the game for a long while.
  • mchotdogmchotdog Member UncommonPosts: 8

    Best experience was in in FF7 where I was in the sub the whole time morphing the monsters for stat boost.


    When it came time to fight Sephiroth 1v1 as Cloud, it was so satisfying to kill Sephiroth with 1 omnislash, each hit doing 9999 damage.

  • colombdawgcolombdawg Member UncommonPosts: 57
    My first Final Fantasy game was FF8.  Then I tried FF7 and loved it and played every Final Fantasy there after.  I love Final Fantasy!
  • drift3r4everdrift3r4ever Member UncommonPosts: 4
    My best expirience with the Final Fantasy is the music. It is beautifull!
  • SoulriftSoulrift Member UncommonPosts: 34
    My favorite thing was not having to have alts, just switching to another job to keep playing as something different. Friends need you to tank? No problem! Heal? I can do that too!
  • hatori1181hatori1181 Member Posts: 1

    First walking into Crystal Tower. The feeling of how small you are compared to what is essentially a basement. Imagine what the rest of the dungeon is going to be like?

  • TheCoffeeZoneTheCoffeeZone Member Posts: 1
    I loved when I started up  FFXIV for the first time watch the intro that brought me to tears of its beautiful music and cinematic and right after when I made my first character going around bashing enemies with my axe this is what made me realize this game was amazing and I could not stop!
  • nowrojnowroj Member UncommonPosts: 16
    I really hope i get to win. It would be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • NightfyreNightfyre Member UncommonPosts: 204

    It's meeting my Free Company.  The game was hollow by itself, I knew it was missing something.  I always played the healer or support class, but when you don't have someone to constantly play with only strangers through an automated placement system you don't grow that attachment you want to.

    Then I met my free company, and it gave me that purpose that my job class desired.  I was able to support others with my heals and help push them further to achieve the goal of making us stronger.  

    We were not a close family, but it was a family that was able to talk with each other and joke while we grouped for dungeons or any other event.  That's what makes the games so special and fun.


  • KyoufuKyoufu Member Posts: 10

    When I was a kid and rented Final Fantasy 2, and I got to the point where Kain betrayed me. Oh Kain, how could you :(


    Alternatively, FF3 (6). The entire thing.

  • glenn63glenn63 Member UncommonPosts: 1

    My favourite moment so far has been getting my Black mage's storyline finished


  • crowfeatherscrowfeathers Member Posts: 1

    My favorite experience has to be learning Titan Extreme Mode with my Free Company. We spent hours laughing together as Titan flattened us, blew us up, and punted us off the edge. Wiping to a dungeon over and over has never been so much fun, and I feel blessed to have a group of people so awesome that we can bash our heads against a frustrating fight and still enjoy ourselves. Honestly, the whole time I've spent with them has probably been my best experience in FFXIV, but doing Titan Extreme with them is the most recent thing that stands out for me.

  • GrajiloGrajilo Member Posts: 1
    Seeing the Limsa Lominsa Skyline for the first time.
  • h3llryuh3llryu Member UncommonPosts: 19
    My greatest moment was when I beat titan Hard-mode and was able to continue the quest to get my relic weapon!

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  • IRxE3IRxE3 Member Posts: 1

    Omg! my best experience in FFXIV was the whole two hours that my friend let me play xD

    I wish I could play more  -.o   :D

  • VandragoVandrago Member UncommonPosts: 230
    My favorite memory was playing on the NES and staying up a couple days at a time with my aunt teaching her how to play, was very cool having an "older" family member that loved FF too. She's excited to try this and she's in her 60's now.


  • odinsfuryodinsfury Member Posts: 1
    I have been skeptical in subscribing to the game, so I had only started playing a few days ago.  Today as I was wandering through the Central Shroud doing tasks that would normally feel mundane in other MMO's, it struck me that I was inside of a world that made me feel like I was experiencing Final Fantasy.  It was no Final Fantasy game in particular, yet it was all of them.  There is no particular moment yet in A Realm Reborn that causes me to reminisce about the Final Fantasy games I have played in my youth, yet I feel like I am always experiencing a small part of them all with my journeys so far. 
  • Stimos8Stimos8 Member UncommonPosts: 163
    Our Favorite moment, was when me and my friends first bought the game ,12 hours later we finally looked at the clock. We were shocked, what had felt like 3 hours at most, was almost 12 very short felt hours. The mind blowing pure fun, we had in the game itself, made time just slip through our fingers.
  • tmanrocks999tmanrocks999 Member UncommonPosts: 10
    i liked final fantasy tactics and all the classes you put in your games. MOSTLY the ones for the ds crystal chronicals was my favorite.
  • XyireXyire Member UncommonPosts: 152
    My favorite experience with final fantasy dates back to the very first one on NES.  There was just so much to explore and figure out.  Still one of my best gaming memories.  The newer FF's are good too, but the original still is my favorite (i went back and played through a year ago or so, its definitely still awesome even though it doesn't offer much compared to todays FF's)
  • AKMFAKMF Member Posts: 1
    I love FFXIV!  But, drunk tanking my Paladin in FFXI was awesome fun!  "You cast <Provoke> on Cement Wall" .  So much inebriated joy in angering inanimate objects!  It may have perturbed (and often killed) the whole party, but I had a blast! 
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