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In Limbo

mcrippinsmcrippins Member RarePosts: 1,599

Hey All,


  I am currently stuck in limbo with multiplayer gaming. I just can't seem to find something that I can stick with. I can't really say I'm burnt out, because I have been enjoying the hell out of a game called Rust. However, most of the random servers I go to aren't really fun, and the one that I host can only seem to manage to get 10 people online, and we're mostly friends. (Hard to raid your friends!). I really just want a good, solid, and well developed MMO or multiplayer game. 


I'm so tired of the linear style level 1-50 type game. It feels so boring and outdated to me. I've tested a number of games on the horizon, and they barely seem to deviate from this at all. I started this whole mess with Ultima Online back in 1998, and i've never really seen another game like it. All of the indie games I see are taking a step back to 1988 for some reason. I get that some people like those games, but it's not progressive. I'm hoping that games like The Repopulation and a few others can satisfy my urge. There's just no telling. 


That being said - does anyone have a game that breaks the mold? A game where I don't have to follow the path laid out in front of me, and can actually explore, and more or less do whatever I want? I've always like the idea that I could simply be a fisherman, and still participate in the world.


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