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Defiance: Trion Worlds Offers Some Insight on the 7th Legion

garrettgarrett MMORPG.COM Staff UncommonPosts: 284

Defiance gives players a look at the 7th Legion. 

The 7th Legion dates back to the Arkfall – to the disastrous period following the destruction of the Votan colony ships in orbit. As an event, the Arkfall is both incredibly important to Defiance and one that’s hard to imagine (together with our partners at Syfy, we’ve crunched the numbers on just how catastrophic the Arkfall was, and it’s pretty grim).


The launch of 7th Legion is coming up fast. Prepare with our behind-the-scenes Q&A with Creative Lead Trick Dempsey, who walks us through the background and inspiration for the latest Defiance DLC.

Check out the Q&A here. 



  • krondinkrondin Member UncommonPosts: 106

    Basically, this DLC hardly even compares to a weekly normal patch update in other games. Adding almost nothing to the game. 2 new weapons that are not new, only re-skinned, no new npc's, no new story missions, no new side missions, a new event called "Incursions" which is basically a string of road side events with a siege at the end.  Really Sad excuse for a DLC .


    I am a Ultimate Edition holder witch came with the 1st years supposed 5 DLC's, of which , this will be only the 3rd and not much time to get another out before the year is up. It was a super fun game in Alpha testing, which is why i purchased what i did, but the fun elements didnt go live or were nerfed under the clause of "Balancing" of which nothing is balanced at all! The only good thing they have done is made a few weapon OP so you can run around and have some fun a little versus all weapons doing very poorly against everything in the game. PVP? Don't get me started on that in Defiance! Lets just say i Forced myself to do them to complete the pursuits < pursuits are a kind of achievement system which also increases your characters EGO power level >  I feel really let down.  I had hoped for more on this DLC considering how little we have gotten thus far.

  • RazeeksterRazeekster Member UncommonPosts: 2,591
    Trion has really fallen from grace. What used to be an excellent company with great updates has turned into, whatever the heck this is...


  • apocolusterapocoluster Member UncommonPosts: 1,326
    Well I'm excited for it =)

    No matter how cynical you become, its never enough to keep up - Lily Tomlin

  • ohgodtherats707ohgodtherats707 Member UncommonPosts: 85

    Yeah excited till you find your self doing the same 2 things over and over again. I have more faith in the TV show. The games just going to end up like every game that tries the whole hybrid mmo shooter thing. ie Tebula Rasa, Auto Assault, Firefall


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