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MultiPlayer Tower Defense

ExiledTyrantExiledTyrant Member UncommonPosts: 69

Can anyone recommend a good tower defense game that aren't MOBAs other than Dungeon Defenders? I can't bring myself to play any of my MMOS anymore and I've been playing LoL on and off but it's just not filling that entertainment need. I saw theres a few neat rpgs out but they are mostly single player.

I think a tower defense game like dungeon defenders would be just what I'm looking for but i can't think of any.

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  • SirPKsAlotSirPKsAlot Member Posts: 224
    try CreepTD or Farm Fortress

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  • DamonVileDamonVile Member CommonPosts: 4,818

    orcs must die 2 is awesome

    and sanctum 2 is pretty good.

    tower wars is kind of fun vrs each other, not so great vrs a computer.

  • ExiledTyrantExiledTyrant Member UncommonPosts: 69
    Thanks for your responses I think I'll be looking more into orcs must die 2. I'd rather not do pvp tower defense but I'd be really happy to take on big maps with other peoples.

    "Do not speak to me of fate!" ~ A fairy tale for the Demon Lord

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