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Sense of Wonder! Will we have it?



  • Jagsman32Jagsman32 Member Posts: 109

    I get that most of us have that nostalgic view on when we first played EQ in '99, but I think some people are deluding themselves into believing that EQ1 was NOT a good MMO, but just our first MMO.

    After quitting in EQ in '03, a couple years ago I went back and played project 1999 and had a BLAST. There was no nostalgia involved, and I played for over a year. The game was just that good. The difficulty, the social aspect, the feeling of success after your first raid in Fear and Hate with your guild. EQ was just a fun MMO. The reason I ended up leaving was because I was actually just re-doing a lot of the content that I had already done nearly 10 years ago and I had forgotten how much time was needed to higher level content and life caught up, but despite that, if it was just nostalgia I would have quit after the first week. 

    I honestly don't believe it is just nostalgia that makes us look back and realize how fun our first step into Norrath was. Despite its downfalls, EQ1 was an immersive and enjoyable experience and I hope EQN can replicate it (hopefully with just a little less timesink).

  • sethman75sethman75 Member UncommonPosts: 212

    I have spotted your flaw.

    You should NEVER rely on other people for your happiness.

    Create your own goals and you control your enjoyment not other peoples

  • RydesonRydeson Member UncommonPosts: 3,852
    Originally posted by Xiaoki

    So, no MMO has quite captured the "sense of excitement and immersion" or "wonderment" as the first MMO you ever played?

    Your nostalgia is setting you up for failure.

    Instead of comparing every new MMO to your first MMO experience you should probably rate them based on their own merits.

    But, thats if you dont want to become a bitter old "MMO vet" desperately clinging to the past.

         Not sure why you were so confrontational here..   I and others share the same views as the OP and rightfully so..  It has nothing to do with nostalgia.. It has everything to do with preferences and opinions.. 

         I started playing RPG's back in my school days with AD&D..  When later in life as an adult when EQ came out in, I was hooked from the get go.. I enjoyed the challenge of avoiding Flippy Darkpaw until I was big enough to take him on..  Death should have consequences.. I miss the challenge of managing my inventory (weight and slots) and making sure I had room for my trade skill gear as well..  I miss food and drink requirements, and loved how players had the choice of buying vendor rations, or make your own..

         As for the dungeons.. I LOVED and miss the requirement of clicking to open doors, and being stunned.. I remember when I first adventured down into Blackburrow. Once I became too high for that area, I had to rely on the community to find a new area.. I was told to go to Highpass Hold, and was clueless how to get there.. NO map or no glowing waypoint to point me into the right direction.. I actually had someone escort me and show me that way..  EXCELLENT..  Now as for Highpass, omg I got LOST so many times I lost count, and couldn't begin to tell you how many times I died or damn near died.. lol  I like and miss zones that were like mazes.. and I don't want some in game map showing me the way..  Learning and remember a zone was an ART, as it should be..

        I don't care about the past as you might think.. I care about game play features as I described above and I don't see any of that in current releases..  I don't enjoy pre- written storylines, as I think those belong to single player games (maybe with a co-op feather) then a MMO..  I also don't like a super linear themepark ride like most games today.. RIFT and SWTOR come to mind..  Atleast WoW and GW2 offer some limited alternate paths, but not nearly as many as the original EQ did with their 50+ zones..

        There are a lot more features I miss from the EQ days, then disadvantages that existed..

  • wizardlockwizardlock Member Posts: 1

    It's difficult to compare WoW to EQ1 or DAOC when WoW is your first MMO. EQ1 was my first MMORPG, I also checked out DAOC. During their prime those two games were really phenomenal, blocky characters clunking around was really good graphics at the time.

    I did drop in on both of them a couple  years ago and I can agree they seem blocky and the graphics are not that impressive compared to current graphic engines used to run modern games.

  • DrakynnDrakynn Member Posts: 2,030
    No.Stevie Wonder has no affiliation with this game.
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