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CoduXCoduX Member Posts: 4

Have you ever dreamed of being a blacksmith?imageAn alchemist?imageOr even a mercenary?imageThen you have come to the right place.

Other-Life is a community based game that allows you to affect the future of the game.imageYour actions and decisions along with all the other players will be used to influence the world of your Other-Life. Unlike other MMORPG's, Other-Life players have the ability to request & approve changes to the game as it evolves!

The Other-Life client is multi-platform using OpenGL for the 3D and graphics environment, currently available for Windows, Linux, & Mac and it works on many lower end systems. Download the current client here and join the Forums.

There are many different skills such as:

Fighting, Magic, Harvesting, Summoning, Alchemy, Ranging and many more!

Other-Life is still a game in progress (Alpha) but is slowly getting better and better every day with lots of friendly players and are there to help you on your way. Give it a try!

Never judge a book by it's cover. You may not think it looks good but it is highly addictive once you try it.

A Community Driven MMO

Being community driven means:

  • The community of users is directly involved in deciding on rules, features, and changes made
  • The community is kept informed of most of the details of changes before they are implemented
  • The community controls what is available from the Shop at what price, since that directly affects the economy and how game play works
  • The community has the ability to change it's mind on things in the future
  • The community becomes responsible to help support the game in exchange for the added benefits

Some of the implementation details to help support all that:

  • Sections of the forums related to discussion specific changes
  • Almost anything in the game, forums, etc is open for community input on changes. Even if I disagree!
  • If a change has strong enough backing or if a player pays, a suggestion can be upgraded to an Official Poll
  • Official Polls for changes will have information related to the complexity of the change and possible expected side effects documented. For example, some changes are very hard to undo without a char wipe, so a warning to that effect should be included
  • The harder a change is do make or undo, the more of the community that will be required to support the change before it's accepted
  • When a change gets approved, it's added to the pending changes an prioritized based on several factors (simplicity, player demand, supporting donations, ...).
  • Groups of changes will get implemented & tested and included in updates. The initial desired update schedule will be monthly
  • Free to Play always needs to be available, but the community will have the ability to add P2P features and shop items as additional methods to provide support
  • Part of my roll in this other then making the changes is to also help bring to the communities attention probably bad effects of changes and to make sure that extreme changes that can have a negative impact are properly considered. Think of it as trying to slow down the process when there is a lot of risk invovled.
  • After the sgame has been running for an extended period of time, things liek whether or not a server wipe is needed so people can start fresh will become an option for the community! This will not happen short notice so that a large portion of the community has the opportunity to provide their input.




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