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The Stoner Bowl

Blazer6992Blazer6992 Member UncommonPosts: 642

   The two teams in the Super Bowl this year are from the only two states that legalized pot, coincidence? Maybe the losing team should by the weed for the winning team. Now we can truly call this the super "Bowl" game. Rolling papers not allowed.



  • Blazer6992Blazer6992 Member UncommonPosts: 642

    I should rename it "Bud Bowl".


  • plat0nicplat0nic Member Posts: 301
    Originally posted by Blazer6992

    I should rename it "Bud Bowl".


    hahah, someone's going to be smoked I predict

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  • jesadjesad Member UncommonPosts: 882

    Heck of an observation man.  Good job.  Kind of makes you wonder though if the teams that lost didn't literally take one for the overall team.  I mean seriously, the celebration alone in those two states had to represent a boost in taxes the likes that have not been seen before.  Wait for your story to hit the news in this fashion because I predict it will.

    On thing is for sure though, this is one bowl that's gonna be "packed" for sure.

    (Had to get one in there)

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