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Sizz's Translated Guide Pt. I -- Masteries (sticky possibly)

sizzflairsizzflair Member UncommonPosts: 29

Hello, my name is Tyler who lives around Detroit, Michigan.  I'm a Korean born living in the US as a perm. resident until I get my citizenship this June.  I recently came back from Korea due to a loss in my family member.  I've had a chance to taste a little bit of RF online and I am ready to play that game.  I'm 17 turning 18 pretty soon, attending high school (I'm mature.. trust me), and loves cars and computers/games.  I'm going to do my best to try to feed you guys some information on RFO from numerous korean sites.  Even I am a noob where I have only played the game for an hour or so in korea, but how different can Korean MMO's be?image

I've been playing many MMORPGs in Korea mostly Lineage 1 and 2.  RF online looked very nice so I'm thinking about taking a chance to get into the world of MMO again, as long as I don't get addicted like I did before I quit lineage 2. 


Anyway,  My Guide Pt. 1 will cover the one of the most important thing in the gameplay system:  Masteries.

***Resources from: RFOnline Playforum***

RFonline에서 숙련도는 매우 중요하다. 일반적인 RPG처럼 스텟이라는 개념이 없고 유저가 플레이한 만큼 숙련도가 누적되어 능력치를 얻게 된다. 숙련도는 유저가 어떻게 게임을 플레이해왔는지에 따라 유저들 모두 다 다른 숙련도를 얻게 된다.

"In RFonline, Masteries are very important.  This game does not follow the typical "Stats" system and you gain mastery points by simply playing the game.  Masteries differ by the style of a player and what kind of path they took regarding equipment"

예를 들어 똑같은 레벨의 캐릭터라도 방어 기술 숙련도에 따라 어떤 캐릭터는 체력이 1000이 넘을 수도 있고 어떤 캐릭터는 체력이 800일 수도 있다. 어떤 캐릭터가 RVR(종족 전쟁)에서 유리한지는 말을 하지 않아도 알 것이다.

"For example, even tho two characters will be equipped with identical items and level, masteries can differ their status.  Depending on the mastery level and how a player leveled their masteries, one player can have 1000 hp whereas the other can have 800 hp.  This is crucial during RVR"

숙련도는 많이 때리고 많이 맞고 많이 사용할수록 올라간다. 또 강한 몬스터를 공격할수록 더 많이 올라간다. 레벨업을 위해 남의 도움을 받아 키운 캐릭터는 상대적으로 숙련도가 낮아 동렙의 다른 유저보다 능력치가 낮을 수 있다.

"Mastery level goes up by the number of times attacked and attacking.  Also, the stronger the monster, the more mastery experiences are gained.  This system kind of eliminates the powerleveling, which will result in fast level but low mastery skill at the end that will make the character weaker than others."

image <<Combat Masteries>

전투 숙련도는 캐릭터 정보 창에서 확인할 수 있으며 캐릭터가 착용할 수 있는 무기 방어구와 밀접한 관련이 있다.

"Combat masteries can be seen in the character status window and it is related to what kind of weapons a player use"

전투 숙련도 설명


Closed-combat Mastery

몬스터나 다른 종족을 근접 무기(소드 나이프 등)를 사용하여 공격하면 올라가는 전투 숙련도로 근접 무기 사용시 공격력 명중률을 증가시켜준다. 또 근접 기술 숙련도가 오를수록 SP가 증가하며 근접 무기 방어구를 착용하기 위해 필요하다.

The higher the mastery the power and accuracy of the closed combat weapons (sword, knife... etc) increase.  Also, SP increases as the mastery increases, and you will enable you to equip higher level weapons.

Ranged Masteries

몬스터나 다른 종족을 원거리 무기(보우 건)을 사용하여 공격하면 올라가는 전투 숙련도로 원거리 무기 사용시 공격력 명중률을 증가시켜 준다. 또 원거리 기술 숙련도가 오를수록 SP가 증가하며 원거리 무기 방어구를 착용하기 위해 필요하다.

The higher the Mastery the power and accuracy of a ranged weapon attack increases.  It is the same as above with the SP points.

Force Mastery

포스를 사용하면 올라가는 숙련도로 포스 공격력을 증가시켜 준다. 포스 기술 숙련도가 오를수록 FP가 증가하며 포스 방어구를 착용하기 위해 필요하다. (벨라토 코라 전용)

The higher the mastery the Force power increases.  FP increases and enables you equip higher Force armors.  (Cora only)

Shield Mastery

방패를 착용하고 몬스터에게 공격받으면 올라가는 숙련도로 방패로 블록킹할 수 있는 확률과 회피율을 증가시켜 준다. 또 방패를 착용하기 위해 필요하다.

The higher the mastery the blocking chance and envasion rate increases.  Also required when equipping shields.

Defence Mastery

몬스터에게 공격받으면 올라가는 숙련도로 방어 기술이 오를때마다 HP가 증가한다.

The higher the mastery the HP increases.  The mastery increases by getting hit by the monster.

Unit Mastery

벨라토 연방군의 특화된 기술로 기갑장비를 착용하기 위해 필요한 숙련도이다. 숙련도가 올라갈수록 튜닝 장비가 증가한다.

This mastery is required for Belato's to summon MAU's.  The higher the mastery the more tuning equipment increases.

Summon Mastery

신성동맹 코라의 특화된 기술로 소환수를 소환하기 위해 필요한 숙련도이다. 숙련도가 올라갈수록 고레벨의 소환수를 소환할 수 있다.

This mastery is required for Cora's to summon.  The higher the mastery the better monster you can summon.

Launcer Mastery

아크레시아 제국군의 특화된 기술로 런처를 사용하기 위해 필요한 숙련도이다. 숙련도가 올라갈수록 고레벨의 런처를 사용할 수 있다.

Mastery is reqiured when using launchers.  The higher the mastery level the higher level launcher you can equip.


   ^Above shows you the 3 different races.  They are basically the same.

타겟창에는 몬스터의 세기를 나타내는 노란 게이지가 있다.
많으면 많을수록 더 강한 몬스터!


^The target window shows you the strenght of the monster.  WarBeast has 1 box where as the Splinter on the right has 4 boxes to the yellow.  More boxes = stronger

실험 3. 고레벨 몬스터를 데미지 1로 공격해도 숙련도가 올라가는지 확인

"Q:  When damaged a high level monster by 1 point, does the mastery experience are gained?

결론 : 가해진 데미지가 상대 최대 체력의 5% 미만일 경우 모든 숙련도를 얻지 못한다.(몬스터 RVR 모두 적용)


A:  You have to deal and be dealt (defence mastery) at least 5% of the hp to gain mastery experience points.

실험 4. 여러마리 몬스터에게 동시에 맞으면서 방어 숙련도가 오르는지 확인

Q:  When gathering a numerous monsters and getting hit, does the defence mastery points increase?

결론 : 몬스터 또는 다른 종족에게 맞아서 오를수 있는 숙련도는 초당 2회 공격받은 것만 숙련도를 획득한다.


A:  The points are gained only from 2 hits per sec. when getting hit by monsters.

특히 솔로플레이 = 숙련도 파티플레이 = 경험치
라는 공식이 이미 성립되어 있기 때문에 파티플레이를 하는 중간중간 자신의 숙련도를 체크하여 다음 무기/방어구를 착용할 수 있도록 솔로 플레이를 하여 숙련도를 올려주어야 한다.

"When leveling in a party, one should check his/her masteries to to make sure that they can equip the next equipment.  Soloing is better when leveling Mastery points"

image <<Crafting Mastery>>

제작 숙련도는 아이템 제작에 필요하다. 처음 제작숙련도가 1일 경우 만들 수 있는 무기/방어구/방패의 종류는 매우 적다. 30레벨이후의 아이템은 상점에서 판매하지 않기 때문에 몬스터 드롭이나 제작으로 구해야 하는데 제작 숙련도가 올라야 레벨제한이 높은 아이템을 만들 수 있다. 따라서 제작으로 빛을 보기 위해서는 30레벨 이후의 아이템을 제작해야 하며 막대한 돈과 노력이 들어간다.


"Crafting mastery is needed to craft items.  At mastery level 1, there are very few items that can be crafted.  Equipments rated above level 30 requirements are not sold in the ship. so you have to get a drop or craft.  The more mastery level, the better (higher level requirement) items you can craft.  If you want to gain a profit, you need to be able to craft lvl 30+ requirement equipments."

제작을 하기 위해서는 잡화상인이 판매하는 제작도구가 필요하며 각 아이템 별로 제작에 필요한 재료가 모두 다르다. 제작 재료는 몬스터가 드롭하는 전리품과 오어를 가공해서 얻을 수 있는 광물로 이루어져 있다.

"to craft, you need to purchase the 'crafting tool' from the shop and ingredients are needed.  Ingredients are drops form monsters and Ores from mines"

제작을 하면 30레벨 이후의 아이템을 얻을 수 있다는 장점도 있지만 그것보다 더욱 매력적인 것은 업그레이드 소켓이 있는 아이템을 얻을 수 있다는 것이다. 비록 제작한 아이템의 업그레이드 소켓 갯수가 랜덤이긴 하지만 상점에서 판매하는 아이템에 업그레이드 소켓이 없다는 것을 생각하라.

"When crafting, the good thing is that you can craft lvl 30+ req. equipments, but also you can make 'Socketed' equipments for future upgrades.  The Sockets are random, but equipements sold in shops have NO sockets"

발사물 제작의 경우 레인저가 사용하는 속성 발사물이나 범위화살을 제작할 수 있는데 이 때문에 레인저의 경우 속성 화살 제작용 스페셜리스트를 부캐릭터로 따로 키우기도 한다.

"Crafting elemental ammunitions or splash-damage ammunitions can be crafted.  Rangers often make a secondary character as a specialist to craft such ammunitions"


^Above shows you the Craft masteries:  <Weapon/Shield>  



image <Skill & Force Masteries>

스킬은 처음 캐릭터를 생성하면 누구나 기본적으로 가지고 있으며 워리어 스킬과 레인저 스킬로 나누어진다. 스킬을 사용할수록 스킬의 레벨 및 스킬 마스터리 pt 가 상승한다. 공격스킬의 경우 강한 몬스터를 잡을 수록 숙련도가 더 빨리 올라간다.

"Every single character have basic skills, which are divided into two:  Warrior skills and Ranger skill.  The more times you use the skills, the faster the skill mastery points increase.  Incase of Combat skills, the faster it goes up when hunting stronger monsters"

포스는 포스상인에게 포스리버라는 아이템을 구입해서 장착해야만 사용이 가능하며 역시 사용할수록 레벨 및 포스 마스터리 pt가 상승한다. (아크레시아는 포스를 사용할 수 없다.)

"Force are equipped by purchasing 'Force Reaver' from the Force Shopkeeper.  The more you use it the force mastery pt increases (acc's can't use force)

스킬&포스의 레벨은 1부터 7까지이며 7이 되면 GM이라고 표시된다. 스킬의 레벨이 오를수록 데미지가 상승하며 레벨4 레벨7에 그래픽이 더욱 화려하게 변한다.

"Skill and force has levels from 1 to 7, 7 being the highest and is marked 'GM'.  The higher the skill level the damage increases, and from level 4 to level 7, the skill graphics get fancier"

마스터리 pt는 스킬을 사용할수록 올라가는데 마스터리 pt가 많아질수록 데미지가 증가하며 FP의 양이 증가한다

"Mastery pt. goes up as you use skills, the higher the mastery pt the damage increases along with FP"




Sorry I'm not really a translator but I translated the best of I could.  If there are any errors or questions, feel free to leave me a reply and send me an email:  [email protected]


Thanks image      Stay tuned for   'Sizz's Translated Guide Pt. II -- Skill & Force'


  • TinybinaTinybina Member Posts: 2,130

    My head Hurts now..image

    Good info though, Ty.

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  • binjuicebinjuice Member Posts: 363

    I'm glad your doing this now So I don't have to wounder 2 weeks in why i'm still unable to do anything...

    Oh and from what I can tell your doing a very good job your translations read the same as the ones from the sites that are in english... they of course can get rather tiresome XP But rest assured we are grateful beyond conception!


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  • mikomimikomi Member Posts: 12

    Wow. You really were not kidding when you said there was going to be a lot of detailed information.

    Good stuff! ::::08:: ::::08::

    Now time to print this out and read this by the fireplace over a mug of hot chocolate.

    From what I've read, I think I like their mastery system. But this is for the Korean version. I wonder if there are any fundamental changes for the Codemaster version?

    Even though it states the need for level-up grinding is reduced, I would think there would be a substantial amount of grinding needed to get your skills up. I did skill-up grinding in FFXI for example. So at first reading, I can't tell if there's anything in particular that would make RFO stand out in this regard.

    Although it seems to say that you can increase skill mastery without too much dependency on your character level, but is there a skill cap associated with your level? If there is not, then the skill mastery aspect would be a rather big deal.

    On a side note: I've come to the realization that skill mastery systems are a staple of Asian MMORPGs one way or another.

    And as for the addiction part, if it weren't addictive, it would not be a good game then, would it? ::::29::


  • sizzflairsizzflair Member UncommonPosts: 29

    haha addicting games ARE good of course, it's just that I don't wanna make it influence my school work and all.  I'm a Junior and I'm at the stage of taking sat/act and plan my future (which i already planned about 3-4 years ago)

    I just wish to get in West Point military academy and hope to be some kind of a surgeon image


    so I prolly won't be able to play this game much when it comes out, but around the next winter time, I should be able to play a lot image


    I hope all the information is GOOD and I thank you guys for reading such a long thing image

  • neotokyoneotokyo Member Posts: 18

    Thanks for all the help, so does this mean that instead of armor requirements based masteries instead of level? Anyway thanks I was trying to transilate the sigh but my korean sucks.

  • I like to add a few things. From the Japanese RF beta, I learned quite a lot. Your mastery level influences your rank (a symbol by your name) although I'm not sure what rank does. There is a mastery level cap but the limit becomes higher as you level. For example at level one your closs range weapon mastery level is 1/3. That means the highest mastery level for you if you train a lot is 3/3. If you level it might raise to 3/5 and you can get the mastery level to 5. The level cap does not change from player to player but you have to remind yourself to level the mastery skill first before leveling. I made a fatal mistake by leveling to 20 while my shield skill was only 3/16. When that happens, it is nearly impossible to level up shield skill. So be aware of your skill mastery points and try to get the number to as close as 3 or 4 if not 2 or 3 points from the maximum even if that skill does not seem very important. I seen a level 30 Acretian warrior beat 34 Cora warrior just because he trained his Launcher weapon option and used it while the Cora didn't train his magic and only used sword. 
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    Well my head hurts now image. But the info is great I THANK YOU!imageimageimageimage

    Look at my fangs GRRR.........

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