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Hearthstone Beta Request & Offers Thread (Read before Posting)



  • itchmonitchmon Member RarePosts: 1,999
    playing in the alpha of another online TCg at the moment and would like to compare it to hearthstone if possible :)

    RIP Ribbitribbitt you are missed, kid.

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  • ShikifuyinShikifuyin Member Posts: 2

    Been looking for a key for a while now ... still no luck ...

    All my friends have their own TT

    If any kind soul read this and can spare a key ... would be very nice ;)

    Thanks !

  • shootme123shootme123 Member Posts: 9
    I won a key from MMORPG a few weeks back now. I then got one from Blizzard too, so in the spirit of giving back...


    Good Luck! :)
  • ShikifuyinShikifuyin Member Posts: 2
    Thanks a LOT MAN !!!!!
  • MaxsterusMaxsterus Member Posts: 2

    Why do I always miss these keygivaways.. :(

    It's so sad to see people sitting on like 5+ keys and trying to sell them.


    Thanks to all of you who are giving away your spare keys for free!

  • jawalijawali Member UncommonPosts: 195

    hey guys, I would really love to get one key - missed all giveways :/ 

    fell free to pm me here or send me mail - [email protected]


  • o2jplo2jpl Member Posts: 32
    I would sure love a key. I believe in Santa......
  • fingervfingerv Member Posts: 1


    didn't had any luck at the giveaway.........

  • NorciTheTravelerNorciTheTraveler Member UncommonPosts: 5
    PLS Can you give me a Key ? [email protected] thx
  • TaishiFoxTaishiFox Member RarePosts: 999
    Got my code now, thanks ^_^


  • NadiaNadia Member UncommonPosts: 11,798

    blizzard sent out another round of closed beta keys yesterday

    A wave of beta opt-in invites was just sent out for the North American region and we expect this wave to conclude within an hour. As a general reminder, please check your spam folders and your Promotions tab (for Gmail users) as the Hearthstone beta invite email has a tendency to end up in those locations.

  • san4ozsan4oz Member Posts: 2
    I would like a key please!
  • ZavinrisZavinris Member Posts: 4
    I would love a key if anyone would be willing to part with one.  Have been following this for a while and am not lucky enough to get one from any giveaways :(
  • Mathew420xMathew420x Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone got a spare key i would love to play the game if you do please message me ill be sure to repay your kindness
  • TrikcyticklerTrikcytickler Member Posts: 2
    Have waited since April. No key yet. If someone wants to give one to me in Christmas spirit i will go apeshit in ecstasy.
  • kilaikilai Member Posts: 32

    I will love a key if anybody still have one. 

    If not thanks anyway :)

  • NadiaNadia Member UncommonPosts: 11,798
    Originally posted by Trikcytickler
    Have waited since April. No key yet. If someone wants to give one to me in Christmas spirit i will go apeshit in ecstasy.

    everyone that signed up for a beta key will be automatically enrolled this month

    If you still can’t find your Hearthstone beta invite, don’t worry! We’re putting together a list of all accounts that opted in to the Hearthstone beta test and did not claim their beta key. These accounts will be flagged for beta access within the first few weeks of January.


  • zspawnzspawn Member Posts: 410
    Hi guys if anyone has one (or two if possible for my girlfriend so we can play together) keys for Hearthstone, that would be deeply appreciated, thanks!
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