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video editing

Hey everyone, Me and my friends always like to make small videos and spoofs with our cameras, but we want to get more serious with the type of editing and make better films and I want to know if any of you know a good site that will teach me what I need and what to do with it. I have used Windows movie maker but its power is limited and I just want to learn a little more. I searched google for some good sites but nothing really good. o and if there is any books on it that you would know I would be very happy if you would tell me the name. thanks


  • ViolentYViolentY Member Posts: 1,458

    As a professional free-lance video editer, I gotta say, I know what I'm talking about. :P

    I gotta say... Windows Movie Maker is utter garbage. It's what MS Paint is to Photoshop. For video editing software, there's really nothing greater than Final Cut Pro, but that's only for mac OS. It also has a very steep learning curve. If you don't want to get too professional too quick, and don't want to shell out a few hundred dollars for software, iMovie is a decent video editing program and very cheap (usually, if you buy a mac, it comes free). It isn't the best movie editer, but it's definately great for someone starting new, and can get the job done decently.

    Bottom line? If you want to edit video... you need to get a mac. There's just nothing really available for PC that's decent.

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  • RufiusRufius Member Posts: 2,031

    Type in "Open Source Video Editing Software" in google and you may find a free to use program much better then WMM.

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  • Rikimaru_XRikimaru_X Member UncommonPosts: 11,718
    I know Adobe has one that I plan on trying. If it's as advanced as Photoshop CS then it might be worth a try. there is a trial verson on the site.

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