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Convince me to play?

erasmotherasmoth Member UncommonPosts: 40

Let me just say I used to suck at this game.... like bad. I was a macer on Thistledown and was a vassal to Azhrarn the Black way way back when (2002?) if anyone remembers him. I was always weak compared to others it felt like... I was always the guy that couldn't solo the same stuff other people did, who didn't do anything really usefull or important and died alot if I wasn't fighting Olthoi and olthoi only. I remember I couldn't even bot like the cool kids because I just died.

That being said.... I'm sick of this junk. Swtor- sucks, WoW =sucks, Lotro - sucks, rift sucks. It's all BUTTON MAINIA... if you don't have ADHD and a naga mouse with 30 buttons on the side... dont bother. Don't forget to slam them as fast as possible to MAX THAT DPS OR YOU SUCK.

Am I going to a second job or playing a game?

I decided that instead of going forward and buying new games that suck just as much, why don't I go backwards to better times? But I'm hesitant... will I suck again?? IS THERE HOPE FOR NEWBS???


  • SnarlingWolfSnarlingWolf Member Posts: 2,697

    Will you suck again is a pretty tough question to answer without knowing why you feel you sucked last time you played. However, there are plenty of people who get to max level and join in on top level quests who I am sure consider themselves to suck.


    The game is friendlier now than it was in 2002. XP from quests are much higher (meaning running quests is a truly viable, and possibly the fastest, way to level now instead of grinding mobs). Money and loot come easier than before as well.


    There is more guidance to a new player now through intro quests in the starter towns as well as a Facility Hub which gives direct to the quest path up to level 45ish. From there you now have contracts you can buy which tell you where a quest starts as well as where the location of the quest is and level intention.


    Mace no longer exists as a skill. There is Heavy, Light and Finesse weapons for melee and then there is a mastery for specific weapon types which gives a bonus to using that type of weapon. So you could be any of those three skills and then choose mace as a mastery. There is also two handed combat which is powerful and fun.


    There are new schools of magic since you last played. There is now summoning which let's you pop out a minion to fight along side you (which are quite powerful and therefore you would certainly suck less with one by your side).


    You have tailoring now so you can put the piece of armor that you like the look of over the piece of armor that has the stats you want.


    Overall it is always worth coming back and seeing what you think. I'd suggest starting with a fresh character as it will certainly be easier for you and you will get more direction on what to do starting out. For you maybe a Finesse weapons/summoning character which, if setup correctly, will give you good defense and plenty of killing power through you and your summons.

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