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[Column] Elder Scrolls Online: Three Ingredients for Late Nights in ESO



  • NaralNaral Member UncommonPosts: 748
    Originally posted by Wolfhammer
    Originally posted by Shadanwolf
    "So when you think about the depth of Elder Scrolls Online there is a lot more out there than just the character development and the crafting".
    We don't know a single detail about Elder Scrolls crafting. We have just glittering generalities from Zenimax.


    Aye and that worries me.  You can stuff your PvP..  PvE and crafting is where its at for me.

    This. I couldn't give two turds about pvp, but if they can deliver a meaningful interaction with the world, then it could be great. However, my best friend was in the beta, and while not over abundant in his details, I am left in great doubt.

    Sure I will play it, but more for lack of anything better to do. Just like every other MMORPG I have played in the last 8 years.

  • CazNeergCazNeerg Member Posts: 2,198
    Originally posted by umcorian

    I've come to the decision I'm not going to touch this game for some of the reasons this column pointed out.

    Overall, the shallowness of MMORPG gameplay has finally caught up with the genre. The inability to effect the world, the hotbar abilities, the target-based attacking, the 2-dimensional ways you interact with the environment, the quest hubs, the stale repetative animations... ESO just isn't doing anything I haven't seen before and, given Oblivion/Skyrim, it just has too much to live up to because the very things that made those two games great just aren't visible in this MMO.

    For the very same reasons I'm not touching ESO, Everquest Landmark/Next has my attention. They seem to be addressing at least SOME of my issues with the stagnating genre. The building, traveling and lack of quests are big first steps. 

    What are guilds in Skyrim, if not quest hubs?  It doesn't stop being a quest hub just because there are no exclamation points over NPC's heads.  Most ES quests are actually very similar to MMO quests, in that there are no choices involved, they are static content which is the same for every player.  For the most part, single player ES games don't do anything we haven't seen before either.  It seems like you are holding ESO to a higher standard because it's a MMO, which is strange since MMOs are always lower quality than single player games in many respects.

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  • EntinerintEntinerint Member UncommonPosts: 868

    "I call it the “over the horizon effect.”"


    Yeah too bad the max view distance in ESO is barely in front of your face.

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