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Quick review

SirBalinSirBalin Member UncommonPosts: 1,300

Okay, so I rarely post much on games other than basic responses to others threads, but I feel the need to post on this game.  I'll be the first to tell you that I don't know everything about the game, but for the pvpers of the world looking for a fun pvp game or a game that's F2P, then this could be it.  First, let me throw a few things out there to stop some from reading right now.  As a pvper, there are certain things I always ask so I'll skip right to that as to some these me be instant DQ's

1.  No, it's not an owpvp game (I love owpvp to, but that's not what this is)

2.  It is aim to shoot and not tab target

3.  Graphics are top notch

Okay, so I got that out of the way...a little about the game.  You go through a really bad tutorial with tons of idea why it's there, it's bad...I mean bad...just being honest.  Once through the tutorial, you basically are in constant pvp maps...think of it like LOL or smite, etc.  You pick your class, you level it up through your bg's.  These are not your basica capture the flag bg's.  One type of BG is holding a point and the fighting takes place at that point until someone wins.  Another would be objectives, you advance as you complete objectives and the opposing side is trying to stop you.  Both quite fun.  You can que up solo or with up to three people.  Now...that bugged me...and still does, however this is simply for your level up stuff.  You can get in a clan and challenge other clans and que up with up to 10v10.  Also, every Thursday there are tournaments that take place which are super competitive. 

Game is a blast, the classes are super different.  The melee is a little odd at first as the impact isn't what you would expect, but the game's a blast. 


Give it a try...good stuff.

"You're either with us or against us"


  • VanshoodieVanshoodie Member Posts: 34
    I just heard about this game yesterday. My first response was, Hell Yes I'm Playing It. I agree with the OP, the game is a blast. Combat is different from other action based games. Tons of fun. Only caviat at the moment is there is no NA release. I played for several hours yesterday and progressevily through the night it started taking longer and longer to get in a match. By 9:00 PM CST it had pretty much stopped. Even though I was playing on a EU release I didn't have any lag. My vote is for people to give it  a go. If we can get enough NA players on the EU servers then maybe they will add some here. Or atleast have some matches at all times.
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