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FR Beta

mtmugmtmug Member Posts: 6
So I have quit all my MMOG for about 6 months (was so addictied it was hard) but was looking for a new one and stumbbled onto RF Online.  It looks kinda ok Fantasy kinda game.  is there a easy way to get into the Beta to try it out?


  • mikomimikomi Member Posts: 12

    From what I know, the only ways to get into the beta (right now) are:

    • sign up for the beta on the official website and hope you get in
    • pre-order from ebgames/gamestop (US only ::;^d:: ) will give you guaranteed access to the beta, much in the same fashion as was with Guild Wars' preorders and preview events
    • pray and hope for another beta account giveaway? ::::37::


  • AcalexAcalex Member UncommonPosts: 68

    heh problem is apparently no one has gotten their accounts yet. So you'd still end up waiting.

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