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Destructibility in PvP

nisraknisrak Member Posts: 70

I've seen a few discussions about destructibility in PvP and how it could lead to all kinds of griefing, etc.  So I thought I would post some ideas I have about it and how it might actually be OK, and in fact make PvP super dynamic and fun.  If destruction has a set of rules, it could prevent most griefing and make for some cool scenarios:

1. Destroying a material requires the right tools to do so.  It should be easy to destroy a dirt mound, but not so easy to destroy an adamantite wall.  Think of similar rules as mining.

2. Destroying takes a long time, especially for high-quality materials.  To prevent griefing, destroying should take a long time, during which time the destroyer is vulnerable.

3. Can only destroy something that is being defended.  No destroying your things while you are offline.

4. Defenders can building, though it takes time and materials. 

5. Building automated defenses.  It should be challenging to destroy someone's buildings.  Could even have AI-based defenders for hire, etc.

Clearly, this should be something specific to a pvp area or server, but think of some of the scenarios that could take place.  Huge guild-built castles that are well defended and an opposing guild attacking.  Moats and draw-bridges have strategic value.  If done right, this type of functionality could totally change world PvP.


  • RaassRaass Member UncommonPosts: 24
    I would love to see the damage from attacks. If I get hit with fire my armor glows. If I get hit with a blunt weapon I get a dent. I know about arms and legs in real combat can come off, but you could have stains on skin or cloth. Heals could remove effects and Armorers and repair, that would make having crafting classes important in groups.
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