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Pay to Win? or just plain old luck of cards?

Is this game about luck of cards or do you just buy as many packs as you can for cards.

Im definitely pretty bad at the game but seriously am I missing  something or just plain bad?


I lose a lot!!!



  • JakobmillerJakobmiller Member RarePosts: 679

    It depends of course on what mode you are playing. Arena is the best mode since it is almost completely up to the players skills, except when you get shit cards.

    In constructed there's a different story. Some classes are easier to play with base decks like priest and some other. Although, in almost EVERY situation where you face someone that has farmed better cards, he will most certainly win, which to me is some sort of P2W

  • MeechaMeecha Member Posts: 30
    It sounds like a trading card game, this would be the case with any TCG, the person who has purchased more cards will win more since they will have more cards to draw from in building their deck. So I wouldn't really refer to it as P2W, simply a common feature to all TCGs. Now, i will state i have not played this game, so it is quite possible it is unfair how to earn cards, i do not know, but if you can earn packs, then i will stick to my statement that it is not really p2w :P
  • CelciusCelcius Member RarePosts: 1,873
    All trading card games are pretty much pay to win on some level. Hearthstone is not really much different in that regard. 
  • dinamsdinams Member Posts: 1,362
    This is why arena is so good and they charge to play it

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  • ZinzanZinzan Member UncommonPosts: 1,351
    Originally posted by Celcius
    All trading card games are pretty much pay to win on some level. Hearthstone is not really much different in that regard. 

    Aside from the fact that its not a trading card game. No trading, its a CCG.

    it's not really P2W but it feels that way at times.

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  • WhiteLanternWhiteLantern Member RarePosts: 3,314
    I have yet to see a CCG (digital or cardboard) that wasn't P2W.

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  • GravargGravarg Member UncommonPosts: 3,424

    There's no doubt that paying will get you along faster, but I haven't spent a dime on this game and I have several good decks that I can pull out for dailies.


    If you are worried about facing someone with 20 legendaries in thier deck, I'd suggest Arena, it's a level playing field and comes down to player skill and luck of the draw x2.


    If you had every card you ever wanted to build the super, mega, ultra, ultimate deck, you still won't win all the time.  Yes, you will win a lot more than, lets say the Druid Basic Deck (worst ever hehe), but you will never win every game or even come close to it.


    I have a really strong warrior deck, but I've had games where I didn't get a single weapon (6 out of 30 cards give me a weapon lol) until I had 10 mana crystals...which inevitabley costed me the game.  I have a pretty strong priest deck, but if you murloc rush it, I'll probably lose since it's focused on control of the minions, and not mass attacks.  I have a pretty good Druid deck, but if I don't get a druid of the claw by round 5-6, and a Cenarius or soul of the forest, it's pretty much over.  EVERY deck has strengths and weaknesses, so you'll never win everytime.


    With enough time, you can get EVERY single card that you ever wanted.  There are no purchase only cards.  Even the Elite Tauren Cheiftain card from Blizzcon 2013 is craftable, you just can't get the gold version, which only has a gold border and is animated.

  • SwaneaSwanea Member UncommonPosts: 2,401

    If you just do the arena and do well, daily quests, and get your max 100g per day, you'll get enough packs/cards from rewards that in a month or less you'll be on equal standing.

    And if you do REALLY well in the arena, you'll have excess money to buy packs with.

  • DonY81DonY81 Member UncommonPosts: 398

    is there a trick with desining your own deck?

  • DonY81DonY81 Member UncommonPosts: 398

    forgot to add a few questions...

    1, is it better to focus on 1 character

    2, does this game work on ipad?

  • MackehMackeh Member Posts: 164
    It's deffo P2W as I have thrown money at it and have a great deck and I win a lot :)
  • JacxolopeJacxolope Member UncommonPosts: 1,140

    All  Trading Card Games are , by nature, "pay to win"...


    I remember in the mid to late 1990s when "Magic:The Gathering" came out and a member of my tabletop D&D group really got into the game. I watched this guy blow entire paychecks on a few cards- Hell, we literally took a road trip out of State to track down some uber Card that cost well over $100.


    The difference (as I see it) and the ONLY difference is that these cards were/are tangible assets. You could actually make money off of them through the selling of the physical cards themselves to tournament play for cash prizes.


    But yes. TCG's are all P2W...BUT its the one area where I think P2W isnt a 'bad' thing by itself. The only thing I could see as potentially shady' is what these digital cards will sell for- Personally, I dont really care for these types of games but I understand the draw....

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