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Blacklight Retribution an awesome F2P title by PWE (kinda a mini revieuw)

Dark_HUmarDark_HUmar Member UncommonPosts: 200

Its been a while that I logged in too to post something, but I tought this game is worth too log in and tell people how good for a F2P shooter this game actualy is! And before you say "this is not a MMORPG" it is not 100% but it has a lot of MMO elements, beside that there are titels in the list that are way less of a MMORPG but they are still in the MMO list and Blacklight is not ? So fix that please!

Blacklight Retribution has a LvLing sytem, at this moment it is LvL 35, the player base is healthy at this moment with on European server online at the same time (around 2000-3000 at peak hours!) it has a system where you can equip armor guns and a lot of other cool things, the most populair equipment is that for 1300 CP you can call in a Hardsuit where you can sit in and fire its Railgun and Minigun!

The guns and character you own you can customize more then I have ever seen in any other MMO/FPS or how ever you want too name this game! There is ofcourse a Cash shop as with all Perfect World Entertainment games, but with Blacklight you can not really buy power. Which is awesome!

Mainly you can buy chance packs for 100 Zen where you make chance on a unique hero (which are really rare to get) but those hero's are not needed, I prefer my own customized character! There are also cammo's over 50 camos for your armor and guns! There are also Zen guns who are mainly just a bit different then the non Zen guns so like I said before you can not really buy power, nearly everything in game you can unlock trough playing!

You do have the option too unlock items faster by spending Zen, but personaly I prefer playing the game too unlock those, I did buy some camo and a few peaces of armor because I normaly rent those peaces of armor and buying those for in game money takes 10-15 hours a peace to get, so I tought lets spent a small amout of money to unlock those faster, but thats totaly optional!

There will be ranked games in the future and Leaderboards and a stat page. The grafix are really good! Even for a buy too play FPS/MMO the grafix are amazing and this game is free!

The score I would give Blacklight Retribution is a 9 and I must say its an extreamly enjoyable free too play FPS (with mmorpg elements)


Grafix : 9

Gameplay : 8.5

Sound : 9

Total : 9


I am sorry for the bad writing I normaly don't really write long text like this! I just wanted to share my experiance with the game!


  • RaventreeRaventree Member Posts: 456
    This game is F2P on the PS4, so I was thinking of giving it a try, but the review on Gamespot was pretty mixed.  They described the game as fairly decent, but with a draconian payment model that is pretty outrageous.  Still, you don't HAVE to buy anything, so I thought it might be a fun way to kill some time.

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