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Cant Play Beta With Street Test Key ?

davc123davc123 Member UncommonPosts: 451
when i login say  No realms are available at this time


  • AtlysAtlys Member Posts: 69

    First, did you check the site or forums to see if there is maintenance going on?

    Second, wouldn't it be better to post this problem on your official forums? You are under NDA, and from what I hear, it is a pretty strict NDA.

    On the eternal quest for that one perfect MMO.

  • wormedwormed Member UncommonPosts: 470
    Stress test access does not equal beta access. You need a beta key to play on other dates not designated as stress test dates. 
  • guascoguasco Member UncommonPosts: 68


    • This key will only work for this weekend's event, and acceptance into this Stress Test does not preclude getting an invite into the Closed Beta at a later date.

    The Dates/Times for the Event (subject to change):

    • Friday, December 20th, 5PM PST – 9PM PST
      (Saturday, December 21st, 1am UTC – 5am UTC)
    • Saturday, December 21st, 11AM PST – 3PM PST
      (Saturday, December 21st, 7pm UTC – 11pm UTC)

    *NOTE: Check the forums once you've redeemed your key for the latest dates/times of the stress test!





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