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SmintarSmintar Member UncommonPosts: 214

I have had the opportunity to play both and examine both tech trees and I want to share with you why I prefer WT and it has to do a lot with the developers.

I have enclosed 2 screenshots to give a comparison of the differences in the 2 companies. As you can see the yak 3 from WOWP has the Turning Radius and speed of this aircraft all wrong its not historically factual and WT on the other hand has it pretty much right on. To me this makes a lot difference how I judge a company one is more factual and the other more in  Fantasyland


If you look at the 2 you will see a noticeable difference in speed and Turning Radius  check it out for yourself


  • zevni78zevni78 Member UncommonPosts: 1,133

    It's a bit too accurate, a lot of people can't even get past the Full Real Battles tutorial as you are going into true simulator territory, and even the historical battles have a pace and realism that won't appeal to a lot of players used to the instant gratification of WoT. For e.g. my bomber had it's rudder shot off early on and I ended up trying to correct altitude for over 20mins while taking AA fire and getting lost in the cloud cover. 


    I get the feeling that this game is best used with a joytick setup and Oculus RIft.

  • apocolusterapocoluster Member UncommonPosts: 1,326
    There are better flight sims out there than either game if realism is an issue.   I was under the impression bothe were pew pew video games=)

    No matter how cynical you become, its never enough to keep up - Lily Tomlin

  • cptndunselcptndunsel Member UncommonPosts: 136

    WT has better graphics. Damage and flight model, even in arcade, are more realistic. Maps include various obstacles and weather which can impact play. WT has a lot of aircraft, upgrades become available as you play (user is notified), crew experience builds as you play but its in a pool, no user notification, so you need to monitor this and go into the Allocate Crew Exp portion of the game and assign pts to the available attributes.


    WoWP - I was an Alpha tester and have gone back to it during various phases of the beta. It has fewer planes, fewer maps, maps are flat for the most part with no real weather effects (bland in comparison to WT), flight model is sloppy, damage model is based off World of Tanks - take hits, health bar decreases, dead - no bits of plane flying off like in WT. As in WOT you need to upgrade components, gain exp for crew etc. and eventually unlock additional planes in your tree.


    My honest opinion - WoWP does not have much going for it at the moment. The only advantage I see is the unified account linkage across all WG games, so if you are a WOT player or plan to play Wasrships you may benefit from this and the ability to earn gold and other give aways in 1 game by playing one of the others. WT will integrate all 3 types of combat into WT, but that is not here yet and we'll need to review that capability when its available.

    An issue I have in both games is the MM using tier+2. This means you will typically fly against several planes that are dramatically superior - planes that will 1-shot you. I believe a tier+1 spread would be better, but I am guessing there are not enough players to make this happen (I,e, queue times would increase due to too few players in tier and tier+1 to make matches).

  • anghangh Member UncommonPosts: 10

    There is no comparison. WT is a great game where you can have a quick action in AB, slow action in HB, and full simulation in FRB. You can play which way you want. 


    WoWP is just a joke. No physic, no sense, it's like doom in 3d space. planes doesn't behave in any mean realisticly.


    And the tier difference is almost negligible in WT - I can easily fly planes 5 tiers lower and have kills, while in WoWP 2 tiers is way too big difference to do anything. 

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