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Black Friday pledge sale

Portalarium is doing a Black Friday special to encourage new pledges toward the development of Shroud of the Avatar.  From their announcement:


15% Pledge Bonus on all New Pledges and Pledge Upgrades!

For all new pledges or pledge upgrades that you purchase for yourself, or as a gift, between 12:00 am CST November 27 and 12:00 am CST December 3, we will add an additional 15% bonus to your pledge account! For example, if you purchase a new Founder pledge for $65, we will add an additional $10 to your pledge account ($65 times 15% equal $9.75 rounded up to $10; our pledge package doesn’t handle cents so we round up to nearest dollar).

NOTE: The 15% bonus pledge won’t show up in your account immediately. Give us about a week after the end of the promotion period to tally everyone’s purchases and add the bonus pledge to your account.

15% Discount on Add-On Store Items!

We’ve dropped the prices in the Add-On Store by an additional 15% during the promotion period, so now would be a great time to get that special item you’ve been drooling over (or as a gift for some lucky person).

The Return of the Darkstarr Metronome and Moondial at a 33% Discount!

If you missed your chance to get a Darkstarr Metronome or Moondial back in July then now is your chance to grab one (for yourself or as a gift)! We’re bringing them back for Black Friday weekend only, at a 33% discount from the original price! Reserve yours now!

50% Discount on Viking Village Home!

The Viking Village Home was the first home we made available in the Add-On Store, and it has proven to be quite popular. For Black Friday Weekend only we are re-introducing the 50% discount off the regular price!


[NOTE: Black Friday Weekend promotions end at 12:00 am CST December 3]



  • grnarrowgrnarrow Member Posts: 14

    It may be worth noting that the first alpha test is going to be in 2 weeks, and everyone who pledges $45 or above gets access to all alpha tests and beta tests, as well as a copy of the final release.

    Here's their notes about the first scheduled alpha:


    Below is the currently planned schedule for releases over the next few months. It is important to note that all dates and deliverables are subject to change.

    RELEASE 1: December 12 - December 14, 2013

    • Install / Patching system: Step one for you guys to play the game is for you to download the game and then patch the game. Since this is the first hands on impression of the product, it is critical.
    • Login / Registration: Players should be able to log in using their existing accounts and if they have not yet registered, they should be intuitively led to the steps to register.
    • Character Creation: Players should be able to create and customize their character. Creation / Customization options for Release 1 will include: name, gender, head shape, skin tone, hair style, hair color, and eye color.
    • Single Player Online: All public releases prior to commercial launch will be online only. For Release 1 and 2, it will be constrained to single player online only.
    • First Town: Our first town (perhaps Owl’s Head) will be open for business. This is important for testing purposes so we can better tune our performance metrics on real user machines. For Release 1, exiting the town will just funnel you back into the same town (anyone see Groundhog Day?)
    • Conversation: Important that players converse with the townsfolk so we can start expanding the dialog system. As you talk to NPCs, we will be tracking your conversations and using them to add more content based on your input.
    • Bag Inventory: This is a hot topic in the forums so we want to get it in your hands for feedback on preferences. Immersion vs. ease of use, let the battle begin!
    • Equipment: Players will be provided with several chests full of “[email protected] lootz” (armor, clothes, weapons, etc.) for trying on for size.
    • House Claiming: Players will be able to select a house from the entire list of player houses (even Lord of the Manor!) for free so that we can test out the various size houses on the lots and allow players to test drive the various houses so they can have a better idea of which they ultimately want to own.
    • House Decorating: Chests full of furniture and decorative items will be provided so you can stress test the decoration system and try out various styles of interiors. Help us figure out all the ways you can break things! (Look forward to screenshot contests on this!)
    • Metrics: All the while you are playing, we will be stress testing our metrics system. This system is critical to maintaining a balanced economy, tracking exploits, and gathering data to improve the experience.
  • goboygogoboygo Member RarePosts: 2,141

    Are they still using housing and land something that is a limited and finite resource as the primary driver for the pre game cash shop?  Something that at launch will then be purchasable from another player either with cash from some 3rd party auction site or some ungodly over inflated amount of gold that again could only be obtained from some 3rd party gold seller. 

    Or will it be possible to buy the game at launch then just through actual game play attain a home and land in a reasonable amount of time and effort?

  • grnarrowgrnarrow Member Posts: 14

    Although they are still selling land and special houses, they are primarily raising funds through account pledges. I wouldn't be surprised if all the land plots from the store are gone by the end of this black friday special.

    It will be possible to buy a plot of land with in-game currency after the game launches, but the supply with definitely be limited.  Whether the time and effort it takes to earn enough currency to buy a plot is reasonable will depend on your definition of what's reasonable.  At this point nobody knows how many plots will be available (only that there will be way more players than plots), or how much in-game currency they will cost, or how quickly people will be able to earn currency in game. 

    For this first episode of the game (there will be 5 over the coming years) I expect it will be difficult to get a plot just because of the supply/demand imbalance, but the world will expand with the second episode and more plots will become available.  It's important to remember though that it is not necessary to own a plot and house to enjoy the game.  It's more of a convenience/vanity item, though one that a lot of people will want.

  • grnarrowgrnarrow Member Posts: 14

    As of Friday night (the last time they updated the numbers) they were down to 39 village lots left.  The store numbers do not update automatically, so they won't manually update it until Monday at the earliest.  By now they are probably nearly out of village lots. 

    Anyone who has been waffling on getting a lot or not during this sale should act soon.

  • grnarrowgrnarrow Member Posts: 14

    It seems the sale goes until the midnight at the end of Sunday, not Monday, so this does not continue during Cyber Monday.

    In other words, if you are interested in pledging and getting the bonus, you've only got about 9 hours left before the promotion ends.

  • Dreamo84Dreamo84 Member UncommonPosts: 3,713
    I wish there was a way to get a land plot without spending $550 :(

  • SephrosSephros Member UncommonPosts: 428
    There will be once the game is in progress. You just wont be in the leet kickstarter cities. If I understand right.

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