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Bloodpact - A silent rebellion against the fascist UEE

CantorageCantorage Member Posts: 186

Bloodpact occupies a unique niche among guilds in Star Citizen. We are a chaotic neutral space borne nation of outcasts. People who are descendants of families pushed around by the empire. Those that have pieced together patterns of deceit since mankind left home. Colonies abandoned by the UEE to fend for themselves, those who have seen innocent alien life murdered and cleansed to make way for yet another dummy colony to siphon taxes from without providing for them. Those who know that earning citizenship is in itself a fascist tool to oppress a population of sheep.


Although we have honorable pirates among us, we are not a pirate fleet. We have explorers among us, but that doesn't mean we will sell our star charts to UEE sympathizers or the empire. Our merchants and economical wayfarers seek to use credits and cutting edge knowledge as a weapon against the imperial march. We live on the edge, and we give no quarter, we fight the United Earth Empire in a thousand small ways, but we are not criminals.


We are a free haven.


Cast off the chains of your callous oppressors, and live by your own moral code. Nothing is easier, or more righteous.


Join us.


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