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When there is a blackout...

What do you guys do?

There was a blackout at my place last week and it went for almost 24 hours...

I seriously have nothing to do at home without computer ...

I'm just wondering what others do when they are in the same situation..


  • DETJI88DETJI88 Member Posts: 10

    Well..if it happens during the day time, I go out.

    Sometimes I go to friends place, or go to casino to play poker.

    If it happens during the night, I normally just try to go to sleep.

    But if it is hard to get to sleep, I just call one of my friends and talk until the bettery dies

  • MutePixelMutePixel Member Posts: 8
    I pick up my smartphone and read forums :)


  • PyndaPynda Member UncommonPosts: 855

    Hah, I start crawling the walls without my computer too! But the blackout I remember most after a winter storm here a few years ago went on for over a week. That was the real deal.

    My answer.....I own a generator now.

  • dave6660dave6660 Member UncommonPosts: 2,699
    Last time I had to deal with a blackout... the wife and I played boards and got drunk.

    “There are certain queer times and occasions in this strange mixed affair we call life when a man takes this whole universe for a vast practical joke, though the wit thereof he but dimly discerns, and more than suspects that the joke is at nobody's expense but his own.”
    -- Herman Melville

  • kangsokkukangsokku Member Posts: 8

    Well, when it happend to me last time,,i had no battery on my phone so i was totally lost..

    didn't know what to do.

    Now i have some sleeping pills at my place so if it happens again.

    I am just going to sleep until the nightmare ends.

  • GruntyGrunty Member EpicPosts: 8,657
    Books. They don't require electricity. 
    "I used to think the worst thing in life was to be all alone.  It's not.  The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel all alone."  Robin Williams
  • ReklawReklaw Member UncommonPosts: 6,495

    Been fortunate to never have experianced a blackout. But a serie like Revolution (http://www.nbc.com/revolution/) does make me think.......what if.....but that's maily because of a full blackout.

    What I would do with a blackout like 24/48 hours is plenty, mainly because at some point I am sure there will be energy again.

    I do admit to be pretty depended on tech, either Phone, tablet, tv, laptop, pc, but seem to be perfectly fine with leaving it all behind during holiday's for 2 to 4 weeks.


  • FlemFlem Member UncommonPosts: 2,867
    Play offline game on laptop until the battery dies, switch to the IPAD until it dies, drink beer until i die...or pass out :)
  • g2gdotcomg2gdotcom Member Posts: 5
    Will play my ipad games and have a few beers. Or else I will go out for supper. :)
  • telldonnytelldonny Member Posts: 7

    Play on my DS, and if that dies, on my PSP. If those die, read a book.


    Was once stuck at home with a blackout and a storm, and there wasn't enough light for reading, but enough candles during a meal. The boredom was enough that I was ready to see what happens when you burn a cinnamon roll. 


    Never going to that dark place willingly.

  • sparepotroastsparepotroast Member Posts: 10

    If it's day time and the power's out I go outside and look around...but my place doesn't that have good view of the world so I don't usually do so. I go to bed if I don't want to go outside....eventually I fall asleep. Even if I wasn't sleepy in the first place, I feel sleepy after a while and eventually I go to sleep.


    It's a bit more fun for me if it's night time and the power's out. I pretend it's the middle ages when electricity hasn't been invented yet but modern plumbing/hygiene/bathrooms are available. We light candles around the house it kinda feels like those old times. Hahaha!

  • rainbowdashunicornrainbowdashunicorn Member Posts: 12

    If it's a hot day I just sit in our living room with a fan and wait it out.

    If it's cold I go to bed and close all the curtains if it's bright outside then just lie in bed and force myself to sleep.

  • pirkqlaterpirkqlater Member UncommonPosts: 2
    Originally posted by dave6660
    Last time I had to deal with a blackout... the wife and I played boards and got drunk.

    lolol yaya smartphone and a bottle. get drunk and rage about power infrastructure comparable to north korea on town's facebook~

  • rainbowstonerainbowstone Member Posts: 5

    Last time that happened I was in the middle of a game.

    I stared blankly at my monitor for about five minutes hoping that the power would be back soon. It did not. It lasted for about 4 hours. It felt forever.

  • stonebrickstonebrick Member Posts: 5
    Sometimes I like it when the power's out. I get to use my flashlight like in those horror games.
  • JemcrystalJemcrystal Member UncommonPosts: 1,940
    Light candles.  Read.  Play Monopoly with relatives.  Finally go shopping for food (love putting that off).  But yeah, ya keep catching yourself trying to go to the internet to look something up and you're like, "oh yeah... how did I live for so many years without it?"

  • AnotherOldGamerAnotherOldGamer Member Posts: 5

    My son and I are both gamers - and we game for almost all the time we have spare. Some people (non-gamers?) would see this as wasted time but I don't see how time can be wasted doing what you enjoy.. what else is there?

    Anyways... this is a massive problem for us when the power goes out as you can imagine! Our power fails maybe 2-3 times a year but it seems to be more often because it sticks in your mind. I also work online so I can't even work without power. I guess the only solution would be to get a generator for the essentials.

    As for what do we do? Play games of course! It makes a nice change actually to sit and play card games and board games with the family instead of talking via Skype and Steam!

    Now making a series on "Craft The World" and also tutorials on my YouTube channel:

  • sticksnstonessticksnstones Member Posts: 6
    When there's a blackout I just chat with my relatives while waiting for the power to get back on.
  • mealticketmealticket Member Posts: 5
    The world feels more quiet when there's a blackout. I like it.
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