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$29 Million Reached!!! New Strectch Goals Announced

firefly2003firefly2003 Member UncommonPosts: 2,527

Greetings Citizens,

You’ve picked up a lot of bombers… and used them to blow another stretch goal out of the water! This time I want to offer a special thank you on behalf of the Foundry 42 team. The latest stretch goal unlocked additional funding for the Squadron 42 single–player experience. In honor of that, we’ve put together a special Inside CIG behind-the-scenes video introducing the team making the game!

  • Enhanced Mission Design for Squadron 42 – The team at Foundry 42 has big plans for Squadron 42, and we’re going to provide extra funding to make it a true spiritual successor to Wing Commander! Squadron 42 can go above and beyond anything you’ve seen before. From opening with an epic battle instead of a training patrol to missions that seamlessly combine boarding and space combat, we aim to put you right into the action! Additional funding will let the team realize this, with enhanced mission design and more resources and animations to enhance fidelity.

Last time we asked you to vote on a role for the next ship we build, and the resounding answer was that Citizens want to have a mining ship. We’re happy to oblige, but I’ll go ahead and warn you that mining in Star Citizen is going to be a lot more immersive than what you’ve seen before; you won’t be clicking on an asteroid until you’ve collected metal!

  • RSI Orion – Roberts Space Industries’ goal has always been to make the stars available to individual Citizens. Now, with the RSI Orion mining platform, RSI is letting individuals take over a process formerly controlled by megacorporations. The Orion’s features include high-grade turret-mounted tractor beam arrays, durable exterior-accessible ‘saddlebags’ for mineral storage and a cabin designed by the team that brought you the Aurora and Constellation!

Now it’s time for you to pick the $32 million stretch goal ship. We’ve removed the winner and the lowest-performing option from the last poll. What will it be now? A massive cargo hauler, a speedy information runner, a dedicated salvage ship? The choice is in your hands!

Remember that each stretch goal represents a broad array of improvements to Star Citizen: more staff, better equipment, more variety in the finished universe. The ships you choose are just a sample of what each million dollars lets us add to the game!

— Chris Roberts

Video Included Also



  • cheeseheadscheeseheads Member UncommonPosts: 73
    all this money for this game.  when do we finially see end results?  looking good so far though
  • GwapoJoshGwapoJosh Member UncommonPosts: 1,030
    I'm gonna make a game that I promise is better than sex!!! Give me thirty million dollars! Come on now.. I promise you will love the game in several years from now when it launches.. /grin  How can you say no to this trusting smile ;)

    "You are all going to poop yourselves." BillMurphy

    "Laugh and the world laughs with you. Weep and you weep alone."

  • morbuskabismorbuskabis Member Posts: 290

    Originally posted by GwapoJosh
    I'm gonna make a game that I promise is better than sex!!! Give me thirty million dollars! Come on now.. I promise you will love the game in several years from now when it launches.. /grin  How can you say no to this trusting smile ;)

    With men or women?

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  • HairysunHairysun Member UncommonPosts: 1,059

    Yep, they hype surrounding this one is massive.  I think it has been established on numerous occasions that just because a game has a big bank roll it does not equate to a better game.  As a matter of fact, the indi companies have been getting the bulk of my gaming money as of late.  The small team, limited budget games are killing the big boys in my opinion.


    Like always, time will tell.  The way things have been going Chris Roberts and company should be around the 50 million mark by the time release happens.  I really do hope this game isn't another dud.




  • Marta007Marta007 Member Posts: 2
    Damn, 32mln $ is pretty much o.O. Hehe it gets budget like Witcher 3 .  The funniest thing is that it started on kickstarter.... Anyway I'm waiting for this game  so much :D Mining ship? what for?
  • SoulTrapOnSelfSoulTrapOnSelf Member Posts: 190
    impressive, and the estimated release is in 2015? this may be the EvE killer indeed
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