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Looking to start a new adventure. (FTP)

ZifinatorZifinator Member Posts: 4

Hello, I'll jump strait to it since I personally hate walls of text. So why would I ask you to read a wall of text?


I want to be able to explore and feel like I am on an adventure! I've been playing GW2, don't get me wrong it's a fun game. But I want to try something different. So here are some things I am looking for.

- A good healing class I can dedicate myself to, but still fight a bit.

- Crafting is always fun but not a must.

- Good end game content. Hate getting to the end and then starting a new char and trying to go through the exact same stuff I went through with my last toon.

- Exploration is a must.

- Boss fights, and the ability to solo those bosses. (even if it takes 20 mins to take down a boss by yourself. I love it)


I can't think of anything else I want right now but these are the basics. Thanks everyone!


  • Kon85Kon85 Member Posts: 88

    I'm currently playing TERA FTP and so far I'm liking it a lot.


    -It's got greta healing classes that can do some dps

    -The crafting is a bit grindy but I like it, plenty of sub-professions

    -Endgame; I heard TERA's endgame was lacking but has improved a lot. I cannot comment on it since I haven't reached max level.

    -Exploration isn't sandboxy, but the world is big and extremely pretty and dense. I love just walking around zones and discovering weird mansions or colourful meadows.

    -The boss fights are awesome. The so called BAM's can be solo-ed, if you have some gear and skill(active dodging etc).


    Hope you find your next game:)

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