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LF MMO with deathblows in PVP

DarkHighDarkHigh Member UncommonPosts: 153
Looking for a pvp based MMO with some cool deathblow abilities or animations. For example see video. Miss Fury =( was a terrible game but had its highlights. 


  • DragimDragim Member UncommonPosts: 867

    Age of Conan has "Deathblows", if I remember right.

    Check it out!

    I coulda sworn I had chopped off some heads or beat them in with my mallet...


    Edit: I tried to embed the video like you did but couldn't figure it out.  but the link has some great fatalities in it.

    I am entitled to my opinions, misspellings, and grammatical errors.

  • NevulusNevulus Member UncommonPosts: 1,288

  • TibernicuspaTibernicuspa Member UncommonPosts: 1,199
    Originally posted by Dragim

    Age of Conan has "Deathblows", if I remember right.


    He's looking for a PvP based game.


    Darkfall Unholy Wars has deathblows.

  • Iceman8235Iceman8235 Member UncommonPosts: 205
    chivalry: medieval warfare sounds like something you'd like.  It isn't an mmo, but gonna be hard to top as far as death animations goes.
  • nateslonateslo Member UncommonPosts: 45
    Originally posted by Tibernicuspa
    Originally posted by Dragim

    Age of Conan has "Deathblows", if I remember right.


    He's looking for a PvP based game.


    Darkfall Unholy Wars has deathblows.

    Age of Conan has lots of pvp

  • TheCrow2kTheCrow2k Member Posts: 953
    Age of Conan is what you seek.
  • Mange1Mange1 Member UncommonPosts: 265
    Age of Conan as mentioned
  • DarkHighDarkHigh Member UncommonPosts: 153
    Thanks guys I'll check it out.  Side note, I was under the impression Dark Fall was collapsing. Was this just rumor? Few weeks ago there was a ton of rage here about it but not sure why.
  • boris20boris20 Member UncommonPosts: 391
    Darkfall is definitely in decline and has a very small player base. Aoc still has 2 active servers. And a lot of new stuff in the horizon for the game which may liven things up more. I had left aoc for several years and picked it back up a few months ago after being fed up with darkfall and it's shallow game. I am loving being back to aoc. And yes it has death blows.
  • DewulfDewulf Member UncommonPosts: 139

    Yeah play Age of Conan, I like conan more than df.

    PVP made Age of Conan good.

  • sanshi44sanshi44 Member UncommonPosts: 1,187

    I do miss Fury always enjoyed my destroyer and he had some of the best desthblow moves wish another game would bring them back cause they were quite satisfing getting those deathblows off since you had to judge when the HP bar were as the correct % hp other wise u would loose all ur power pool for nothing if you were off by 1% :P

    Fury deathblow were intresting because there were 4 of em or so per class and each of them were skills.

    one could only be used when target was below 15% and they were facing you, another one they were 30% and facing u however it took longer to perform and require 10 elemental points (max is 10 while 15% execute were 5) and there were one that required to be facing the enemy back and below 15% and 30%. These skill were usable at any time however if they healed over the % threshpool or wasnt quite they did nothing but still drained ur elemantal power pool so there were some skil involved especialy since player HP showed in numeral value instead of a %.

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