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Entropia Universe Active Player Base

Entropia Universe is an mmorpg game developed by Mind Ark (MA). Although for most mmorpg games the active player base is something the company publicly states, MA keeps it a secrete. For years the active player base for Entropia Universe has been a corporate secrete:

"I am unable to provide information about or discuss certain figures that are considered corporate secrets." (MA Dev) 

(Source: http://www.entropiaforum.com/forum/ask-mindark/199739-real-player-base-size.html)

In order to exaggerate the actual active player base MA has posted the registered users on several sites:



Though those numbers are no were close to the active player base in EU.

One player has managed to figure out a good estimate of the number of players really playing the game. 

Results: There are only about 2000 players playing entropia universe



Planets: Entropia universe is an mmorpgs with several different planets. All offering the same game play just different themes. 90% of the players are active on Planet Calypso ( The first of all the planets).

Auction: each planet has atleast 1 auction house. Players can sell their items on the auction house for PEDs. Each player can have a total of 30 items up in each auction house.

PEDs: Ingame currency.


A simple poll was conducted on the planet calypso forum. In this poll players were asked to choose the amount of items they have on auction on the planet calypso auction. 

(Source: http://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/forums/showthread.php?255617-POLL-Average-number-of-items-on-auction)

Due to the fact the page might get closed by the mods I have also uploaded an image of the poll results:


With a simple spread sheet we can find the average number of items players have on planet calypso auction:


Number of items up on auction Number of players Column1 X Column 2
0 5 0
1 11 11
2 3 6
3 3 9
4 2 8
5 3 15
6 2 12
7 2 14
8 0 0
10 5 50
12 0 0
14 2 28
16 0 0
18 0 0
20 4 80
22 0 0
24 2 48
26 0 0
28 0 0
30 4 120   average
sum 48 401  8.354167
So the average players has 8.35 items on planet calypso auction. At the time of writing this the ingame auction had approximately this many pages:
Planet Calypso Auction ~ 1000 Pages
Planet Arkadia Auction ~150 Pages
Planet Rocktropia Auction ~ 40 Pages
Planet Cyrenet Auctionb ~ 20 Pages
FOMA/Hell/ NI/ CP Auctions (SUM) ~ 50 pages
That sums up to about 1260 pages of auction. (Sincemost players using other auctions also have items on planet calypso auction, we will be over estimating the active player base at the end). Each page on the auction has 15 items:
1260(Pages)*15(Items) = 18900 Items on auction
18900Items/ 8.35 (Item per active player) = 2263 Active Players.
There fore we have proved that the number of active players playing Entropia universe is only 2263!!! 


  • RPGForeverRPGForever Member UncommonPosts: 131
    Looks like my cup of tea, thanks for the information.

  • goboygogoboygo Member RarePosts: 2,140
    Originally posted by RPGForever
    Looks like my cup of tea, thanks for the information.

    You do realize this game is a real money game, that EVERYTHING worth buying and selling in this game starts with you converting real money to their currency?  is that sill your cup of tea?

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