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cant install please help

Greetings,  I have had the patcher running for 3 days now with no luck in actualy installing this game. The only help support gave me was to unplug my fully working modem. I have been banned from the forums even though I haven't made a single post! I have install the game via arc, then via steam then via direct download. The problem is the patcher dosen't want to patch. as of the is morning it says its downloaded 7gb of a 700mb patch!


Any help or insight would be greatfully recived, I would realy like to play this game


  • GardavsshadeGardavsshade Member UncommonPosts: 907

    You've been banned from Forums even though you haven't posted there yet?

    I may have an idea what problem you are experiencing... may have, not sure....

    Recently I tried to update my old copy of STO and log inot the game, see how everything is going, but when I tried to log in to update a window popped up informing me I had "upgrade" my Cryptic ID to a Perfect World ID, so I did.... and just as soon as I did and then tired to log into the Patcher I got the message "This account banned".

    It turns out that Perfect World has some different rules about what email services they will allow as compared to other MMOs. I use Hushmail for my email and I refuse to use Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or anything "not secure". That means if you use a Email Service that is considered "anonymous" then PWI bans your Account immediately. I spent over 2 weeks trying to contact them via emails to find out I got banned for a Policy infraction I knew nothing about and for a Policy that no other MMO Provider has (as far as I know). The first two Emails I sent out got answered with "we do not know why you were banned" and then they passed my ticket up to next higher Admin. Something like this should be know to all Service Techs that answer email tickets, but it's not.

    If your Patcher won't work right, that might be it. If you use an Anonymous Email Provider similar to Hushmail than you will get banned and the only way to know is to watch the Patcher for a tiny little message in red letters that flashes on for only a few seconds and is then gone. If this what your problem is then the Patcher won't even update the client.

  • HosaninHosanin Member Posts: 3
    You may have an issue with too many install copies. I couldn't patch until I completely removed STO from my system and reinstalled through ARC. I have been around for quite some time and was using the stand-alone that originally came with the game and because I couldn't use that anymore I installed through ARC. That messed everything up and I had to start again. Try removing all instances off your computer but keep the downloaded information so you can install from it without having to redownload EVERYTHING lol If that ddoesn't work then there is a good chance that you are completely banned form the game, some forum bans don't go that far, other do.
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