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EQ1 Restart

PhoenixC13PhoenixC13 Member UncommonPosts: 119
I was a huge EQ1 fan I haven't played much in years.  Would there be a group of people that are LF an MMO that would want to use the F2P model and just have fun while we wait for some new MMO's?  Let me know if there are other people out there?  Be great to get a group of maybe 10 to 15 people that could play together.  I would be on around 8pm to 10pm PST most days.  I am looking to do this for fun and that we can do it as a F2P.



  • Thebrave246Thebrave246 Member Posts: 174
    I'd play but have to work around my work schedule and I'm EST.
  • NindiyanNindiyan Member CommonPosts: 4
    Would also love to play with a small group of people but alas, I'm also EST. 
  • PrayrPrayr Member UncommonPosts: 263
    I would give it another go. I am cst give me a pm if you get some folks together.

  • PhoenixC13PhoenixC13 Member UncommonPosts: 119
    Ok I will start a thread on the EQ forums tonight.  I will also want to know what server.  I have heard Vox is the best because not everyone is max level.  I plan to keep it all in the range of F2P content and servers so no one has to spend a dime to have fun.

  • PhoenixC13PhoenixC13 Member UncommonPosts: 119
    All righty I made and SK names Logonaut on Vox.  Send me a tell I will start a guild too.

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