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Jasper300Jasper300 Member Posts: 62

Hey Guys,

which  active mmo would you say has the best raiding and dungeons right now ?



  • Darknessguy64Darknessguy64 Member Posts: 233
  • Jasper300Jasper300 Member Posts: 62
    other than wow 
  • XthosXthos Member UncommonPosts: 2,734

    I have heard people say Rift has a very good system (I stopped playing it about 3 months after release, so I can't say they do or don't).


    I have actually heard people say they like it better for raiding than WoW (I am not going to argue with anyone about that statement, as it is not me saying it).


  • AIMonsterAIMonster Member UncommonPosts: 2,059

    I'd say:

    1.  WoW

    2.  Rift

    3.  Everquest II

    4.  Everquest

    5.  Age of Conan

  • Jasper300Jasper300 Member Posts: 62
    Yes Rift's raiding and dungeons are really good, I'll check out the others. Thanks for the comments 
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