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Lets share extra keys!



  • luuxxluuxx Member UncommonPosts: 9

    If someone has a spare key I would really appreciated if he would give it to me.

    Have fun playing wildstar for those who got a key.

  • mezmaghostmezmaghost Member Posts: 11

    If anyone has a spare key they could PM me, I'll exchange for my pet frog!*

    Also if I get some I'll send a couple on here.


    *pet frog not included 

  • tutte06tutte06 Member Posts: 4
    Will pay for a key if anyone want to sell? PM me for more info
  • QuorinaQuorina Member Posts: 41
    You could give me one, or we could work something else out. PM me, please. :)
  • KaraethonKaraethon Member Posts: 33
    Joining as well, it's worth a shot!
  • NorewonNorewon Member UncommonPosts: 100
    I would birth your first born child and possibly still love you after for a key. :)
  • RoedRoed Member UncommonPosts: 4
    Dying for a key to this. If anyone has a spare i would greatly appreciate it. And i would share the keys that i got too
  • Psylon_1982Psylon_1982 Member Posts: 10
    Ditto, if by some miracle there are extra keys, please pm me one. I would be very greatful
  • ShariShari Member UncommonPosts: 746
    <---- Sad baby panda :(, Can I have one please sir, please!


  • klmurphy311klmurphy311 Member Posts: 2

    I would love to try this with my wife.  If anyone has a couple of beta keys, I would be very appreciative.  Thank you!


    Shoot me and email at

  • Smitty88Smitty88 Member Posts: 103
    I would love a Wildstar key if anyone is nice to give me one and if and when i get some I will pay back and give them out on =)
  • bakon2bakon2 Member UncommonPosts: 125
    I would like one as well.  If I get any then I will also pass on two of them.

  • makkertmakkert Member UncommonPosts: 13
    I would love to try Wildstar aswel, ill give cake if i get a key:)
  • iridescenceiridescence Member UncommonPosts: 1,552

    I wouldn't mind trying out the beta if someone has an extra key (not really expecting much from this game but it may surprise me...)



  • XxGrimmxXXxGrimmxX Member UncommonPosts: 223
    I've been following this game for a long time and would love a key. Of course I would return the favor and put any extra keys I get here too. Good luck everyone :)
  • TantrixTantrix Member UncommonPosts: 6
    This is one top 3 MMO for the coming year. So if someone hes a key to spare id be really happy
  • keltoigaelkeltoigael Member Posts: 9
    If anyone has a spare key please pm me one, thanks <3
  • LifePositiveLifePositive Member UncommonPosts: 130

    If any of these are still available, I'd gladly take one! Been looking forward to testing this game out since I missed this years convention circuit. 

    PM me if any are still available, please. 

    “How do you kill that which has no life

  • Ryguy786Ryguy786 Member Posts: 29
    Anyone have a key I can have??

    Pardon my low tolerance for stupidity.

  • NeBuRNeBuR Member UncommonPosts: 11
    any spare key for me? i will give cookies in return
  • HikaruuHikaruu Member CommonPosts: 103
    Would love a key if anyone can spare, been following since the start :(

  • hayes303hayes303 Member UncommonPosts: 376
    If anyone has a spare key I could pay them back with good wishes.
  • jmlane223jmlane223 Member UncommonPosts: 121
    If someone could message me a key id love you forever and ever! and EVER!
  • BroomyBroomy Member UncommonPosts: 487
    Spare key please!!!

    Current Games: WOW, EVE Online

  • tomfabiotomfabio Member Posts: 25

    I would love a spare key, thanks!


    Life is like a box of lemons, give me a key and i won't throw them at you  :)


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